A oneshot between two of my roleplay characters. Both are emo boys and they always seemed so perfect for eeach other, I had to fix things. So there ya go. -BloodRedEclipse

Wolf sighed, shifting in his bed. He turned over, gazing at his room mate, Panda. He could just make out his slim, sleeping form. The white streaks in his black hair glowed faintly. They were like Wolf's streaks, only Wolf's hair was a dark grey color.

He gazed longingly at the other boy. He'd wanted Panda for so long… he couldn't control his libido any longer. Nor did he want to. All he wanted was Panda. For him to surrender to him.

But, Panda was straight. He had a girl- Wolf did too, but that was unimportant.

Making a decision, he swung himself out of bed clad only in his grey boxers. Panda's bed sank under Wolf's small weight.

His vivid green eyes blinked open. "Wolf?" He murmured sleepily. "Wha' are ya doin'?"

Wolf kissed the other boy hungrily. To his surprise, Panda kissed back furiously. Wolf straddled him, rubbing himself against the smaller boy.

When they came up for air, Panda breathed, "What about Sky? I thought you and her…" he trailed off,

"You have Spike, but the girls don't have to know. Ever seen Brokeback Mountain? It'll be our secret." Wolf growled-every now and then he'd jerk off while playing voyeur to the two cowboys in the tent. His shaggy hair hung in his face, brushing his cheeks.

"No one can know. We'd be outcasts." Panda said, trying to move under the sheets.

Wolf nodded, shifting the sheets down so that he could Panda fully. He'd know a long time that the other boy slept nude. Okay, maybe he was a little obsessive.

Panda hooked his thumbs in the waistline of Wolf's boxers and tugged them off. He gazed at the bigger boy lustily. He'd always knew- in the back of his mind, he and Wolf would make love. Wolf was beautiful. He was leanly muscled and his hair was exotic and strange- at least to Panda.

Wolf kissed him again, rubbing his shaft against Panda's. One of them- maybe both, moaned.

"God, you're beautiful." Wolf breathed against Panda's kiss-swollen lips. Then he kissed, nipped, and licked his way down Panda's body. He stopped at the smaller boy's shaft.

Wolf tilted his head and ever so faintly licked him. Panda groaned and rolled his hips. A silent plea for more. Wolf grinned wickedly. "Beg me, Panda. I want to hear you beg."

Panda stared at Wolf. He'd always seemed to have a slight dominance complex, but asking- no, demanding, that Panda beg… it just didn't seem possible for the soft-spoken grey-and-white haired boy to demand anything.

Wolf licked him again, gently grazing Panda's shaft with his teeth. Panda moaned, his black and white hair shifted over his eyes in an emoesque way.

Wolf groaned. Some kinky part of him- most likely below his waist, wished that Panda had his jet eye shadow and tongue ring on.

Wolf's hand caressed Panda, still determined to make him beg. Panda writhed, bucking his hips. "Wolf… please! Oh, god, please!"

"Mmm…no. Not good enough. Try again." Wolf bared his teeth, kneading Panda's hard flesh.

Panda whimpered, he was so close to climax… but Wolf always backed off when it was about to boil over. "Wooolf! Please…" He whimpered, writhing.

Chuckling, Wolf lean forward took Panda all the way into his mouth and suckled hard. Panda climaxed in his mouth. Wolf swallowed around his shaft, grinning.

Pulling back he cocked his head. "On your knees, boy." Wolf commanded, his dark blue eyes blazed with need.

A slight shiver of fear slithered through Panda, but nonetheless he complied. "There's lotion in the drawer beside the bed." He murmured.

Wolf leaned over and fished it out. Panda felt the cool, creamy goo touch his entrance. He gritted his teeth. A moment later he felt Wolf's shaft against him. He couldn't suppress a whimper when Wolf began to force his way inside Panda.

Wolf was gentle and gave Panda time to adjust. Panda groaned thickly, blending pleasure and pain. Wolf's climax had been building since he'd first kissed Panda and his control was wearing thin.

Suddenly is snapped like a rubber band and he drove into Panda fast and hard. Panda screamed, rolling his hips back at Wolf, demanding more. Wolf grunted, then hilted himself in Panda and howled as he came.

Wolf gently pulled out of Panda and collapsed next to him, pulling Panda close to him. He sighed contentedly. "I love you, Panda." He breathed, nuzzling his ear.

"I…" Panda broke off, unsure of how to respond. He did feel something for Wolf. Was it love? Could he love the other boy?

Only an hour ago he was sure he was straight, and sodomy was only a bad fantasy never to be acted upon.

"I think I love you too." He whispered as a single tear rolled down his cheek.