My Special Someone

I see an image of perfection when I look into your eyes.
Your beauty amazes me, and I feel like such a lucky guy.

To have you is a special privilege that I can only be bestowed.
And, every day that I'm with you my love will always grow.

You've seen me in my bad times, and been there for the good.
And, even when you couldn't help you still always did the best you could.

I appreciate all the love and patience you have given.
You really are my number one reason for living.

I look forward daydreaming about what we will be.
The future's unpredictable, but being with you forever is as far as I can see.

Thinking of you keeps me warm at night.
And to keep you happy, I promise I'll always try.

When you say my name, I can't help but to smile.
It makes all the fighting and problems, all the worth while.

Id never let you go, I'll never be that dumb.
I'll be with you forever and always, because you're that special someone.