He watched her, the young blonde woman. He followed her, as she went to work, shopped at the local grocery store. He had been in her home, sitting on her couch, laying on her bed. As he stood there and observed her laughing with friends, he breathed her name "Lisa," and he wanted her. He ached to snatch her right there, he yearned to hold her in his hands, he longed to add her to his collection.

"Patience Theodore," he murmured to himself, "you must have patience."

He knew, that if he took her to soon, if she vanished to quickly. That it could lead to him, that they would find him, that they would find his collection.

So he waited and he watched, for days, until the perfect moment came, and he made her his.

He took her to his home, an isolated house, where no one would hear her screams.

"Welcome Lisa," he said, as she watched him in fear.

He loved that look in her eyes, he reveled in it, it empowered him.

"What do you want with me?" She asked, her voice shaking slightly and he smirked.

"You are being honored," he said, "my beautiful Lisa, my blonde Lisa, the queen of my collection."

She looked at him in wide-eyed fear and he stepped toward her, laughing as she stepped back.

"I have watched you," he said, stepping forward. "Watched you, and wanted you," another step. "You have the true beauty, you have the grace, you will complete my collection."

Lisa stumbled backwards, screaming slightly as he back hit the wall and she whimpered in fear.

He heard the whimper and smiled.

"I have been in your house," he said, "slept in your bed, ate at your table. I know everything about you, my beautiful Lisa. Your thoughts, your dreams, your fears."

He stopped and closed his eyes, "especially your fears, those are so gratifying, so intoxicating. Those are the best of all."

"Please," she whispered, a tear running down her cheek. "Don't hurt me."

His eyes widened as he stared at her in disbelief."

"Hurt you?" He said, "I attend to honor you. Display your beauty forever."

He grasped her arm suddenly, as she cried out and tried to twist away.

"Now is the time," he said, dragging her forward. "Time for you to see my collection, see what an honor it is to be part of it."

"Please!" She cried, but he paid her no heed.

He dragged her toward a basement door, and down the steps. She gagged at the overwhelming smell of rotting flesh, as he pulled her through the dank basement.

"Here it is Lisa," he said, shoving her forward. "My collection, my pride and joy, you will love it as much as me."

She looked up and screamed at the macabre display in front of her.

The bodies of ten woman, displayed in glass cases, some almost entirely rotted, some partially, all of them blonde.

"See the beauty," he said, "my ladies, my loves, my collection."

Lisa looked at him in terror, as he grabbed her arm and pulled her toward one case.

"This is my mother," he said, "Katrina. She was the first, she tried to leave me, so I put her here. Now she will be mine forever, always beautiful, always part of my collection."

"You're crazy," Lisa breathed, and he stared at her, the madness glittering in his eyes.

"Now it is time," he said, "time for your beauty to be preserved."

Lisa lashed out at him, catching him in the groin and turned to run. She dashed toward the steps, making it up the first two, before he caught her and dragged her back down.

"No!" She screamed, lashing out at him, but he grasped her arms. Pulling her upwards and dragging her back into the basement.

He threw her down on a couch and wrapped his hands around her throat, pressing his thumbs against her wind pipe. She gasped and clawed at his hands, trying to loosen them, but couldn't. Finally her hands dropped to her sides and he loosened his hold, checking her pulse.

She was dead, and he smiled, then laughed, before picking up her limp body.

Carefully, he put her in the final glass case, strapping her body in so that it wouldn't fall. Then he closed the door, and backed away to admire his work.

He had done it, he had succeeded, it was finally finished.

His collection was complete.