W h y C a n ' t Y o u S e e

i'm drowning.

i'm dead


i can't be


this can't be


why can't you see.

i'm hurting inside.

these wounds -

they can't heal.

they won't heal.

they won't ever heal.

there are just

too many of them.

why can't you see.

death haunts me.

like a black angel

it hovers

over my head.

every day

i live with this shadow

that won't go away.

why can't you see.

the pain is too much.

i can't breathe.

my lungs are on fire.

it hurts so much,

hurts too much.

and to think that

you could do this to me.

why can't you see.

my arms are full of drawings.

i made them myself

with my blade and my blood.

they won't ever fade away completly.

the scars may go away over time,

but some scars don't heal.

like the scars on my heart.

why can't you see.

see me.

see me smile.

see me laugh.

see my cry.

see me bleed.

see me hurt.

see me dead.

but why can't you see.