The Father Of My Child Is WHO?

Chapter 1

"Veronica Kimble?"


That was me. Veronica Kimble in the flesh. Little fifteen year old sophomore in high school with brown hair and a cute little button nose. Yeah…I got that a lot from family. "She has a nose as cute as a button!" I know it's a simile and that they are supposed to compare two unlike things but where do people get off thinking buttons are cute? They're buttons. I guess I just liked to over analyze things a bit. Like today for instance. I should have known when I woke up that morning of February 3rd…it was cold, dreary, and over-all gloomy. Normally, I love days like those but this day seemed different than the rest. It had an ominous feeling to it and I just didn't know why until I got a text message from my best friend. That's when things seemed to go downhill.

I got Pete Stinkerson 4 a partner! Ugh!

I stared at my phone in confusion. I had no idea what in the world she was talking about. Partners for what? I looked up to see if my teacher was looking in my direction and luckily she wasn't. I bit my lip and started to text her back.

4 what?


The bio project remember?

If I only knew the events to come soon then I might have changed the course of things but no one had invented the time machine yet. Damn! Couldn't people speed that up a bit? Well it was too late for that nonsense. I was about to reply when I felt someone loom over me. I looked up to see my teacher and I smiled sheepishly but the smile was certainly NOT returned. Sheesh, could someone say rude? Cue random person to shout "rude"! Back to the matter at hand and not my odd rantings…

"Ms. Kimble, I do not appreciate you texting in my classroom," she said in a monotone and highly rehearsed tone of voice. I rolled my eyes and handed her my phone. "You can pick it up at the end of the day." With that she turned around and walked to her desk. I rolled my eyes again and gritted my teeth in anger.

"Would you rather I do it in the hallway?" I mumbled under my breath. Suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around to see one of the hottest guys in school. I was totally in love him and he was totally oblivious to the fact that I even existed. "Yeah, Will?" His name was Will Miller and he was a junior! –Insert dreamy moan here- Yeah, I was in a creative writing class so all grades could be in here. Sadly, I did not share Will's love for writing because I was only in here because dance class was filled up. But in the long run I suppose it worked out considering I sat in front of him! Sure, I couldn't ogle at him every waking minute of class but just the presence of him behind me sent chills up my spine.

He was so sweet and adorable and oh my goodness! He had dark brown hair that was spiked slightly and he had the most gorgeous hazel eyes. I bit my lip but it didn't stop the grin that was on my face. He smiled back at me.

"Do you have a pencil I could borrow?" he asked in the cutest way ever! I nodded and smiled dumbly and handed him my pencil. I turned back around and then realized something…I had no pencil…I asked the girl in front of me and she lent me one. Whew!

Next time I had to think more clearly…who was I kidding? My brain just fogged up when I was near him. I had liked Will Miller since the beginning of my freshmen year at Oakwood High and he was a cute sophomore. Sadly, I had no sense of style then but this year was going to be different. I even had plans after school today. I was going to get layers to my hair, start wearing more make-up, and get a new wardrobe. I know it sounded like a lot to do but I wanted guys to notice me other than when they needed to borrow a pencil.

But like I said, things were definitely going to change. After class, Will handed me back my pencil with a smile and a wink. I giggled and took it back happily. After I got over my lovey dovey phase I rushed out of the room and ran all the way to my locker.

"DENNY!" I screamed. Denise, my best friend since FOREVER, turned around and squealed.

"Vivi!" We always greeted each other like we haven't seen each other in years…god forbid that ever did happen. We might just have to scream until we both became deaf in both ears and break every mirror in the room. We practically tackled each other and then broke our hug laughing. Of course, this caught some glances but we couldn't care less. "This project is horrible! You are so going to hate it!"

"What do we have to do?" I asked warily. She scrunched her face in disgust and was about to say something when a certain someone cut her off…loudly I might add. She seemed startled by the loud noise but I merely looked over my shoulder to see Zack making out with this freshman girl. If you were wondering, it was the sound of a certain red-headed bimbo currently located below Zack. Her high pitched giggle was enough to make anyone want to commit suicide. Or homicide if you felt really up to it. "So before miss bimbo head and jerk interrupted what were you saying?"

She opened her mouth to speak but once again something stopped her. I rolled my eyes and turned to the couple…she was cackling like crazy and Zack just smiled down at her. I had the final straw.

"Will you two SHUT UP and get a room? We're having a conversation over here and don't need to hear Miss-Cackle-Like-A-Hyena," I said bitterly. I turned back to Denise and waited for her to continue with her delightful story.

"Wow babe…bitter much?" she asked holding her hands up in surrender. I sighed.

"Mrs. Pete took away my phone…the old hag," I grumbled. Denise nodded and patted my shoulder. And that's when the bell rang to get to class. I groaned and stomped my foot. "What goes on in the project?"

"You'll find out in a few minutes. I have to get to math on time. If I'm late again my teacher will kill me for sure! See ya babe!" She ran off to her class which left me by myself. I took a deep breath and started towards my Bio class. I walked into my class and nearly died. Will Miller was in this class? Since when?! And wait…he was in my seat. I walked over to him and smiled.

"I didn't know you were in this class. I thought you were a junior," I said confused. He chuckled at me and I laughed despite not understanding what in the world was so funny.

"I'm just the T.A. I was just occupying this stool until its rightful owner came along," he said with the cutest smile. I nearly melted inside. I stood there for probably two minutes with a stupid grin on my face. "You still on planet Earth, Veronica?"

"Huh? Yeah. Um sorry to say this but this is my seat."

"Well, here you are madam," he said getting out of my seat with a goofy smile on his face. I giggled and took a seat on my stool. He grinned at me and walked over to the teacher's desk and took a seat on her chair with wheels. Mrs. Patterson walked in and rolled her eyes.

"Stealing seats again Will? We're going to have trouble with this one in the future," she said turning to me. I laughed.

"Oh yeah because sitting in other people's seats is considered a felony in every state," I said playing along. Will made a pouting look but I could see the hidden grin behind it. Man was he cute!

"Aw shucks. That means I have to go to jail. How am I ever going to succeed in life…or get a girl?" I took this perfect opportunity to make a move.

"Well, lucky for you I'm into bad boys," I grinned. Will grinned back at me and I could have sworn I blushed. Soon his grin was replaced with a crooked smile. What was this hot boy thinking of? The door opened and guess who it was ladies and gentlemen?! If you guessed Zack Lovell you were correct! Will winked at me and walked over to Zack. He took his backpack and threw it across the room.

"What the hell man?!" Zack shouted. Will smirked at me and I giggled. Zack noticed me laughing and decided to head over to my seat. "Well look who it is, Ms. Everyone-Needs-To-Shut-Up-Because-I'm-Trying-To-Have-A-Conversation."

I glared at him and stood up so I can try and get taller. Too bad that didn't work….now I felt even shorter. I lifted my head to look at him and placed my hands on my hips.

"Well maybe I wouldn't have to tell you to shut up if it weren't for your obnoxiously loud girlfriend in the hallway. Can someone say hyena much?"

"Hyena much," Will chimed in. Zack turned around and glared at him and Will put up his hands in surrender. He turned back to me.

"You mean ex-girlfriend."

"You make out with all your ex-girlfriends?" I asked confused. He rolled his eyes at me as if I was the most retarded thing in the world. Give me a break Zack.

"No. I broke up with her like two seconds after the bell rang. And why do you care who I make out with?"

"I don't care," I said crossing my arms.

"Zack and Veronica can you sit down please?" Mrs. Patterson said sternly. I took my seat and watched Zack take his.

Ugh. Zack Lovell…where to start? First, I hated his guts. He was a complete arrogant jerk. He walked around like he was the king of the school and he was only a sophomore like me. Sure his brother was a senior and he had an in with the cool, senior crowd but that didn't give him any excuses. What sickened me most was his nickname he made for himself. Around here to most of the female population he was known as Zack "Loveable". I rolled my eyes at that. I wouldn't, however, deny the fact that he was amazingly hot. Even I knew that. He had dark brown hair that was up in little spikes and the prettiest hazel eyes. Plus he was a jock so that meant he had some muscles to match. They weren't huge, and gross muscles but just the right size to have an amazing six pack. I've seen him on the field. Not that I was trying to look at him particularly. I was trying to watch Will, but that wasn't the point.

I must have still been looking at him because when I zoned back in he was staring right into my eyes. He had no angry expression…he was just staring at me. I turned my attention to the teacher who started to talk.

"Well class, as some of you should know or remember there is going to be a new project. As we are learning about genes and heredity you all will create what your baby would look like. However, you will have a partner who will be your "wife" or "husband" throughout this project. Now everyone get up and move to the back of the room as I pick partners."

I groaned and hopped off my seat. I knew this was going to suck…big time.

"Who do you think I'll get paired up with?" Matt Anderson asked me. Matt and I had been friends for a few years and he was a great person to talk to. He was also a hidden homosexual. He didn't want people to know he was gay in case it got to his parents. He didn't know how they'd react so he figured it was best not to tell them until he was out on his own. If he wasn't gay I probably would have asked him out. He was pretty cute and a complete sweetheart. He had shaggy blonde hair and clear blue eyes.

"If you're lucky, Adam," I whispered. He grinned at me and looked around the room.

"I bet you'll get paired up with Eric," he whispered. I shuddered and pretended to gag myself. Then we got quiet as Mrs. Patterson started to name off the partners. Just like all the times in P.E. I was one of the last ones picked. Matt got paired up with Debra who was a pretty good match. She was pretty and she was a nice girl. I glanced around who was left and I groaned. There were only three people left. There was Alice, me, and Zack Lovell. Ugh. You could see our teacher's dilemma.

"Ok…since we have an uneven class one of you will be paired with our T.A. Will," she said glancing back at Will. "Is that ok with you?" He nodded and turned his attention to me. And he smiled! Oh my god! I bit my lip and then turned back to the teacher. Through pleading eyes I asked her to let me be paired up with Will.

"Alice you can be paired with Will and Zack can be paired up with Veronica."

She obviously did not get the message. But then I realized something: I was paired up with Zack! Not getting Will was bad enough but Zack?! Was this some kind of joke?!

"WHAT?!" I shouted. Whoops…did I say that out loud?

A/N: Hola everyone! Ok, I got this idea from a project I had to do in Biology. It wasn't exactly like this but similar. Anyways, I couldn't resist myself and just started to write it. I hope you like it so far...this won't be on my top priority either. Cliche To the Fifth Degree is actually my top one right now but it all kind of depends what I feel like writing at the time I have a writing mood. Anyway, I have another week before spring break starts! 2 weeks off! YAY! So expect a lot more updates during then. Until next update...BYE!