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Hot Blooded
/FKA "The Law of Attraction"/

Chapter I

It's not that I have anything against vampires.
I just never wanted to bear a set of two-inch fangs.

The vampire life style was never for me. And, yes indeed there are a select few that being a vampire is a natural thing for them – they want to be immortal creatures of the night and that's perfectly fine with me.
It's not the vampire part of them that makes me nervous from time to time anyway. It's their intentions.

But, before I begin, let me first define what a vampire is, at least to my knowledge.

A vampire is often thought of as a monster, a humanoid bat that sleeps in coffins that indulges on human blood and flesh as it's lifeline. We have human horror movies and Hollywood to thank for that.

Do not misunderstand me; there are a couple of nasty killer vampires out there who feed relentlessly off of innocent mortals. But, there are also humans who commit the same acts of crime and they are not usually referred to as monsters but more or less mentally ill to varying degrees.

The vampires who inhabit the earth who are deemed brutal and bloodthirsty are mentally ill I suppose, to the extent that they were the kind of vampires who did not wish to become vampires in the first place. The result of this is that they are trapped in a whirlwind of vengeance that consumes their entire being in hatred.

I would have been classified as one of these vampires, maybe not right away, but eventually after many years later, after my distress and anguish would have reached unbearable levels.

Nonetheless, most vampires you have little to fear from. There are more good and calm vampires than those who are depicted so harshly in the television world.

The majority of vampires start out as human. There is only one way a human can be turned into a vampire, and that is through direct connection between the blood of a vampire and the blood of a human. A vampire cannot change a human into a vampire from a simple bite to the throat or anywhere else on the body, unless the vampire's blood goes into the human blood stream.

The second way – and much rarer way – that a vampire can be created in through reproduction from two vampires. I doubt if one vampire mating with a human would reproduce much of anything, let alone a human with vampire DNA structures.
This is a key fact that you must understand in order to understand me – if two vampires are miraculously able to reproduce as it probably only occurs once out of every one thousand years, their child is born a mortal, fang-less, human.

However, their child will be contracted with some sort of vampire DNA. By vampire DNA I mean the supernatural characteristics that all vampires acquire when they are changed from human to vampire – enhanced strength, enhanced speed, enhanced senses, and of course immortality. Though there are very few mortal-born-vampires, all the ones I have heard of have one or sometimes two of these four abilities at birth, even though they are not yet a complete vampire. For example, one of these children may be born with enhanced strength but remain a human for life.

As a side note, I would like to say that I believe this is how many of your 'superhero' or 'gifted children' came about. They really are just mortal-born-vampires or mortals with vampire abilities.

I am one of these mortal-born-vampires.

I, unlike the other ninety percent of vampires on Earth, am mortal.

However, I would not say that all vampires are exempt from death even when they have been turned. There are ways of weakening a vampire, none of which is garlic. Do not attempt garlic on a vampire; this is all a Hollywood hoax. The second myth people seem to generate about vampires is sunlight. That a vampire will melt away like the Wicked Witch of the West once the sun's rays so much as touches its skin. This is also false. Sunlight will not kill a vampire either. It will do more damage then garlic however, but it will not do more than make the vampire snarl. The sunlight irritates them. It's not really so much as physically painful as it is emotionally damaging – it makes them stand out. Since a vampire is dead, in broad daylight they often look like walking corpses. Which is what they are, but it still seems to annoy the hell out of them.

Above sunlight there is the old fashioned wooden stake, which does not kill a vampire either. A stake however, will paralyze them, momentarily slow them down. However, with enhanced speed and strength I would suggest refraining from using a wooden stake – getting close enough to a vampire to stab it is too risky to accomplish only a few seconds of victory.

Burning a vampire is a simple and efficient way to weaken them. Setting the vampire on fire may kill them, but to do that you would probably need another nuclear bomb or two. Setting them on fire, if a person can manage running fast enough, will cause you some relief – for a few days.

Vampires do not often travel alone. If you are going to kill a vampire there is only one way to do it and it is not advised. You will never be the same again if you can accomplish this task, and you will probably need extensive mental therapy afterwards, if you are even still alive after the deceased vampire's clan comes looking for their member's killer.

The only way a vampire can die is by beheading the creature.

It is a terrible thing to do, but it is the only way the vampire is guaranteed to die.

It will not turn to dust. You will have to bury the rotting corpse on your own account.

Most vampires are not afraid of being beheaded. Not too many have the guts or the lack of a conscience to go through with such a demand.

A vampire can also kill itself as well. At least, so it is said, I have only heard mere stories of this happening…

After a human is turned into a vampire it needs to survive. This is possibly the only part of being a vampire Hollywood did not misunderstand – vampires need to drink blood. Not necessarily human blood, although it apparently tastes better, but there are the so called "veggie-vampires" who feed off of animal blood in an attempt to save human lives. I honor these vampires. They are my closest kin.

If a vampire does not drink blood for a very long time, its body will die. However, I have never met a suicidal vampire and I believe the temptation and the craving to drink blood is too terrible for them to be able to stop.

Of course, vampires drink blood with their fangs. They have two, long, pointed, on either side of their upper front 'human' teeth. Since they are corpses their skin is pale, and their eyes are dulled – sometimes their eyes are said to be black. This is again a bad description as a better term for a vampire's eyes is 'lifeless'.

Other than that, they appear normal human beings. Friendly folk, usually, and most have regular jobs and only appear to 'take blood' about once or twice a month. Most know when enough blood is enough so that they only leave an innocent human merely light-headed or tired from minor blood loss.

My parents fit the above description quite well.
Please do not hate them for what they tried to do to me.

All parents have a dream that their children will one day follow in their footsteps when choosing a lifestyle career. Just because my parents had a lifestyle choice of a vampire, doesn't mean they were terrible people. I was also their only child; all their hopes and dreams were riding on me and me alone.

I always had to be careful about what I ate however; it could have been laced with blood. When I was younger I thought all I had to do was drink blood and I'd become a vampire like my parents. I was mistaken; but I didn't want to drink it anyways. I could sense if the blood was there miles away.

You see, because I have an enhanced vampire ability my parents were keen as making me the alpha-female of our vampire clan. I mean, think about it – if I had enhanced abilities before I was a vampire, think about how powerful I would be once I was turned.

As I came to realize quickly it wasn't my food I should have been worried about. It was whenever I was alone; usually asleep that I was vulnerable.

There are many vampire clans on Earth; some better than others, some with more popularity than others. My parents were semi-leaders of our clan. We were one of the more widely known vampire groups, as we held close to two hundred vampires in our society.

I was their miracle who betrayed them. All of them. This meant I was alone.
As I look back on my life I wish I had known some other mortal-born-vampires that would have accepted and protected me when I escaped from my parents clutches after my high school graduation at eighteen years old.

Well, I didn't necessarily escape.
I just never went back home after the after grad party.

"Order up, scotch on the rocks!" The mulled hum of the current club I was in dulled my senses; or at least those that were of the human variety. The floor was vibrating beneath my high heeled ankle boots because the ridiculous music was turned up so god dammed loud; a tingling sensation shocked its way up my jeans. I hadn't been out of my car – a black, 1967 Chevy Impala – for at least two days.

Immediately I walked to the bar. There were four guys played pool above my head on the second level balcony of the bar. All of them were vampires – my enhanced senses told me this.

I wasn't afraid of them. They had no idea who I was. And they were too drunk to do anything smart about it anyways.

"Can I get water with a lemon in it? Alcohol free; I actually want to sleep tonight." The words fell off my lips like I was still in that fancy restaurant in London I had ate at a couple of months ago. I sat down on one of the tall bar stools.

"How old are 'ye?" The bartender gave my face the once over. "'Yer not from around here, now are 'ya?"

"Would I be looking like this if I was?" I retorted. He actually looked at my jeans, black shirt and black trench coat. He seemed to have forgotten that all the other women my age in the club currently adored neon colored tube-tops, girly panties (or short skirts – whichever pleases you, they still didn't cover their asses) and vibrant high heels.

He shrugged, allowing me the victory of our conversation. "I'm twenty one." This was not a lie. I had been on my own for three years, living out of my car, cheap motels and a moderate criminal record for breaking and entering. But anything was better than my parents. Not that I have anything against vampires – I don't. I just never warmed up to being forced into becoming one.

"Don't cha want a beer than?" he asked. So I do look my age.

"I wouldn't sleep with you even if I was drunk, so you may as well just give me my water and move on to the next slut." I smiled at him.

He glared at me. There was nothing supernaturally odd about him though – he was just a regular asshole, so I didn't change my friendly look as he turned around and began to pour my order.

"Here," he shoved it at me. Thank god it didn't spill – for his sake, not mine.

A shoved a five dollar bill in his direction. "Keep the change." I wasn't about to drink his water either. I could smell the intoxicants he had stupidly placed in it.

As if he would have gotten away with that in front of a person like me. The bartender when around to the other side of the island, got a tray of drinks and went away to go deliver them to another table since no other customers appeared to be hanging around his station.

"You know it's rather dangerous talking to him like that. He could throw you out of here."

"And would that be such a problem?" I replied, as a man sitting two chairs over from me began to talk to me. It was half-surprised he wasn't drunk. He must have been on his first drink of the evening. We were the only two still seated at the counter. He had a short glass of whiskey placed in front of him; half full.

He smirked. "Maybe. Depending on how much trouble you get into tonight."

"What's that supposed to mean, hotshot?" I said, and eyed him. He had a very deep, clever voice. Probably not originally from around an uptown city like this either. Actually, I would have placed him back at that London restaurant than at this stingy club.

"You tell me."

"Hum." I half-chuckled. The four vampires were beginning to leave upstairs. I could heard soft shouts, groans and some longing sensations coming from them too, although it was too quiet for anyone else to pick up on. "Excuse me." I left him there. Catching a glimpse of his clean shaved face of out the corner of my gray eyes, I noticed that he was fairly well dressed and handsome for someone who drinks whiskey. I took my drink in one hand, carrying it to the stairs before dropping the entire, drugged-up contents into the nearest garbage on my way up to meet the vampire boys.

The upstairs of the club was covered in smoke. These four appeared to be the only ones up here – knowing vampires; they had probably asked to have the area to themselves. They were younger than me. Well, most of them. One was about seventeen, the youngest, the two others I would have placed at about twenty and the last at about twenty four years of age - in human years at least. The so called seventeen year old had been around for over a hundred years.

When I say I have enhanced senses, I really mean enhanced senses.

They were fighting over some squirmy red head. One of the twenties held her in his strong grasp so that she was facing the seventeen year old. He must have been the leader of the pack. I fixed my gray eyes upon the young girl, whose short-shorts where half falling off her ass and her shirt was being pulled up to chest on account of her struggling.

"Come on, girlie, it'll only hurt you for a minute," one of them cooed, eyeing her up at little.

"Yeah, I thought you liked me, bitch – 'wassa matter know?" the seventeen year old put in, and he leaned towards her.

"Maybe she knows you're not from her species." I put in. The four of them only noticed me, the tall, five foot nine, dirty blond standing at the top of the stairs, only a couple feet away from them.

"Oh lookie here, boys," the eldest called softly, "we got ourselves a two for one deal tonight!" They all laughed at that.

"Come here, sweetheart," the other twenty came towards me, licking his lips.

"You should let the girl go." I said calmly. He stopped for a second, blinking at my words.

"Why?" he asked stupidly. "What the hell are you gonna do about it – you're just some uptown chick whose about to get what's comin' to her."

"Oh, bite me." I retorted, rolling my eyes at him.

"Gladly." he replied, and smiled at the irony. No fangs yet.

Three. Two. One.

He came at me. His body was suddenly flying at mine; I could feel my fingertips reaching for the jagged piece of wood I had beneath my trench coat. There was a reason I had come in this bar. I mean, did you honestly believe it was so I could order a glass of water? All I had to do was stab the guy just as he appeared close enough, deep down in the chest and he would fall over – temporarily out of my way so that I could hopefully get rid of the other three and get the girl out of their clutches before they drained her too much and she died.

Or worse. Before they turned her into something I knew she wouldn't be able to handle properly.

Then again, it was four against one. Why was this brilliant plan of mine suddenly becoming more complicated? I could definitely take this one, and the other twenty holding the girl. I was skeptic about the eldest vampire however; he looked tough and even with my senses, I was still only a mortal. As for the young one, he kind of creeped the shit outta me so I decided I would avoid dealing with him if at all possible.

I could see his fangs now. Arms luring, so close. My hand grabbed my weapon with force and I pulled it out of my trench coat. It wouldn't kill him, but I wouldn't be killed either. I slowly raised my arm. His eyes appeared to have somewhat acknowledged the stake in my hand and he slowed down slightly, if only in my head.

"Back off." Suddenly, the man from the bar was standing in front of me. His round hand was latched around the vampire's neck in a choke-hold. The twenty sucked his fangs immediately back in before anyone could really notice that he was no longer a human and hadn't been so for a very long time. He was shaking.

It was then I realized that this man who I had been previously talking to, about not getting into trouble, was holding the vampire off of the ground and that my wooden stake was inches away from the hair on the man's neck as he had his back towards me. He was tall, built and apparently very strong. I was surprised I had noticed that when I had been sitting beside him.

The vampire half-snarled, spit flaring out of his mouth like a disgusting hyena. The other three moved towards us to try and help their fellow companion, leaving their previous prey – the red head – behind to shriek and run in the opposite direction. They showed no vampire signs though, keeping their fangs hidden and their eyes down. I doubted they would.

Most vampires are highly cautious against werewolves.