Not every black woman is strong,

Not every black woman is meek.

Not every black woman hits rock bottom,

And not every black woman reaches corporate peak.

Not all of us are ignorant,

Not all of us are prone to crime.

Not all of us are hot-tempered and want to fight,

Cause we clearly don't have the time.

So if it's a stereotype you wish to read,

I'll have to ask you to turn and leave.

BabyPop Massacre(Smooches)



Whether it was the red neon lights or the high alcohol quality in his drink, Kain felt an accelerated haze flow through his body as he sat in the mists of his closest friends laughing and choking on expensive liquor. He was excited more than drunk and unlike his gleeful friends; Kain was keeping his narrow eyes on the task at hand.

Kain Shinoda was a recent graduate from Wellington High known for his many friends and punk-like hairstyle. But what really branded him and his gang was their promiscuity. Though the wisest and most disciplined, Kain had a way with women which often landed him waking up at 3 am in some foreign bed. He got a thrill out of this, so tonight would be no different. Or would it?

The club Kain and his Asian boys were currently settling down in was named simply Salis.A small hole-in-the-wall building that somehow managed to slip under the radar with the was a place where boys under 21 could drink and enjoy the finer things in life such as the women who tended the bars, served the finger food and danced for whoever strolled through the front door.

An overzealous boy with dyed blonde hair took these opportunities into consideration and ordered three more bottles of Corona. This was his first time drinking and he wanted to overindulge as much as possible.

He belched finishing off his last bottle. "Man! I never thought I would like the taste of beer so much!"

"Yeah maybe you should lay off Mickee. Don't get too drunk. Your mom's gonna make you sleep outside for the night." A slightly worried friend named Jin warned scratching the back of his head.

He yawned and leaned back into the cushions of the circular booth the five boys sat in. Their red table was littered with empty glasses, cigarette butts and a few half-eaten or untouched fried mozzarella sticks. There was a narrow pole in the center that stretched to the ceiling and attached.

One of the boys studied this pole, fixed his glasses and glanced over to Kain. "We need to put this thing to good use." He suggested lazily.

Kain smirked at the comment and brushed his rusty-colored hair away from his eyes. He was already ahead of his friend.

The club was rather silent tonight but the pickings weren't slim. Blondes and and Foreign. Anything and everything he wanted to try was present for the taking. Salis was his candy store. The only question now was which one he wanted…and if he wanted just one.

A tall, curvy woman caught his attention first. She stood nearby picking up plates from her past customers and looked as though she had been working a bit longer than her body could handle. Though her hair was stringy and lacked volume, she was a rather delicious looking Latina and Kain just had to see what she could do.

"Found one." The other boys soon took notice of her as well and instantly sobered up for the upcoming event. Raising two slim fingers to his lips, Kain was preparing to whistle her over when a burst of 80's music interrupted over the building's sound system.

The eyes of every club-goer were directed to the stage in the center of the building not far from where Kain and his gang sat. As the stage lights awoke and darted for the red curtains, a voice came out of nowhere.

"Gentlemen, welcome to Salis." A sultry female voice greeted. "I hope tonight will be as enjoyable for you as it is for me."

"Ugh. What's with the 80's music?" Mickee complained. "What is that?! Chaka Khan?"

His friends eyed him weirdly. "How do you know about Chaka Khan?"

"What? My mom blabs about her. Shut up!"

Kain paid no attention to his friend's lame knowledge in music. His brown eyes were still focused on the stage and he was determined to get laid.

Sliding out of the silk curtains was a small group of females ranging from 18 to 25, maybe, years of age. They were dressed in tiny white miniskirts and tops that looked like they belonged on the beach instead of a stage performance. This confused Kain for only a second until the ladies started dancing to the music.

Henry, who had fixed his glasses for the fifth time that night, leaned over to his friend. "See something you like?"

"When do I not?" Kain smirked after targeting one blond haired woman who was definitely older than him.

He rose from his seat and his boys followed along wiping their mouths and some lighting another cigarette. They shoved their hands in their pockets and headed for the empty seats stationed inches away from the stage.

Mickee felt his body grow hotter and placed a hand on Kain's shoulder. "Hey. I get dibs on the short one in the back."

Kain said nothing as his handsome eyes linked with the innocent female grinding before him. He sat as vulgar as possible in the leather seating with his friends once again joining his side.

Trying her best to avert her pale blue eyes, the blonde blushed, panicked and repeatedly stumbled with her dance moves.

Kain noticed the bewilderment and grinned licking his bottom lip. Oh yes, she was definitely going to be his tonight. All he had to do was wait for the stupid song to end and he could make off with her…after a few drinks of course. But before he could beam with excitement, another dancer was making her way on stage.

First a leg appeared from behind the silk curtain, then an arm, and soon a figure of possibly the most mesmerizing female exploded gracefully to the forefront.

Fiona was a unique half-Haitian girl who had recently graduated from high school and although she was smooth and voluptuous in all the right places, she was often called the oddest girl in school. Of course this little back story wouldn't matter to the young man she was strutting up to in 3 inch heels.

Her skirt was black and went so well against her Tuscan brown skin that the sudden craving for Hershey's chocolate plagued Kain's nimble senses. She danced confidently before him giving the same shrewd smile as he was giving her. The twists and turns Fiona's body produced exemplified pure bliss that seemed so rare and real that it almost appeared as if the music had stopped she would cease to exist.

Forget the innocent blond,Kain wanted the black girl! Those hips, the way she sucked her painted lips, de-li-cious!

After Chaka Khan's "Ain't Nobody" faded out, the dancers slowed and took a bow as their on-lookers applauded hysterically but honestly. Even some of Kain's boys gave a sound of approval as the girls began to leave.

Fiona and Kain were locked in an unreadable stare which the dancer soon broke when she turned around and headed back towards the curtain.

"Hey!" Kain called not wanting to have to search for her later.

The exotic glanced behind her and approached squatting to sit on the back of her heels. She placed her hands in front of her to balance and long strands of black hair slid over her shoulder.

"Yes?" Her voice was hot and with little need to sit up Kain could see just how tight her fitted top was.

Kain grinned digging in his back pocket. "I see you like to dance."

"It's my job."

"Do you enjoy it?"

"More than breathing."

"Really know. So how much do I have to pay to get you to surprise me with some more…creative moves?" Nestled between two fingers, Kain raised a 50 dollar bill and waved it in the air.

Unfortunately, Fiona wasn't buying it.

"Yeah. This isn't a strip club and I'm not a stripper. So you can just slip your money right back in your ass."

"Are you sure about that? 50 bucks is a lot of money."

Fiona exhaled in disgust and stood up waving rudely goodbye. As her heels clicked towards the curtains, Kain held back the slight anger brewing in his gut while his friends laughed at his failure, his first failure in catching a woman.

Sure the conversation with the dark mistress was over, but only for the moment. Kain was sure she had a dressing room backstage he could get to.