Title: Seven Long Minutes.

Rating: T

Summary: Who plays those childish games anyway? I've certainly never heard of anyone in REAL life playing seven minutes in heaven. Then again, my life was anything but normal.

The door clicked shut and I heard it lock. I was stuck in a less than spacious closet with a boy who had an ego the size of Montana. Not only that but, a whole party of my peers were on the other side of the door waiting to find out if Ethan Jones had his way with Mira Lessir, the schools ice queen. The whole game was rigged I tell you. The whole party had basically been coupled off. So the game was rather pointless. Except here I was, in a dark room with him now, standing pretty close to him.

"I bet you've been picturing this scenerio in your mind, over and over again." Stupid arrogant asshole. If he thought for one moment I thought about him, that way he had gone mental. Ethan Jones might have been hot, but he so wasn't my type. I went for more of the starving artist type. Ethan was a virtual pretty boy. I hated pretty boys.

"Yeah, I always pictured us together in a closet making out. How very romantic." My eyes were adjusting in the dark and the dim light from underneath the door was helping a little bit. Ethan was standing a lot closer to me than I would have liked. He was invading my personal space. "No, this is not what we are doing. I don't just kiss random people. I have to know you first." I could almost see the smirk rise to his features. Ethan must have known I was making excuses because I was feeling very uncomfortable with the situation.

"Chill out Mira. We're not going to do anything your mother wouldn't approve of." I raise an eyebrow at him. He was eighteen and male, he wasn't being honest was he? "Of course most parents fall inlove with me from the first time they meet me. They'd let me have sex in front of them if I played my cards right." Can you say disgusting? This boy was so full of himself, and he was still drawing closer to me. He casually leaned an arm up against the wall I was now backed up against, while his other hand grazed my hip. I felt my heart rate quicken and I could swear that in the silence he could hear it as well.

"Ethan," The tone was supposed to sound like a warning but it ended up sounding like a question, "You should stop." The second part was a whisper and I was mentally berating myself. Stupid voice learn how to work.

"I should stop, but you don't want me to. And for that matter I'm not even really doing anything." His thumb moved across my hip bone causing me to tense all over. I made a note to yell at Patty, my best friend, for making me wear her hip huggers. I felt riduculous standing in a closet with Ethan, while he was having this effect on me. "Relax, Mira."

His voice was low and barely audible. If I hadn't been standing so freakin' close to him I wouldn't have heard it. His voice was soothing, and it would have calmed me down had he not been taking advantage of my weakness and pulling himself closer. I brought my hands up and pushed against his chest. No luck. His hand was now inching it's way across my stomach, painfully slowly... inching. Not even really inching, more like centimeter by centimeter giving me goosebumps. This was not a good sign.

"Ethan, please... sto-" Before the word came out of my mouth he leaned in and started kissing my jawline. My whole body went limp. I swear the only thing holding me up at that exact moment was the fact Ethan had a hand on my hip and pretty much had me pinned to the wall. I breathed in sharply and then his lips covered mine. Time seemed to go into warp speed then. He seemed to be trying to deepen the kiss. His tongue traced my bottom lip but I still had a little bit of control over the situation. I pushed against his chest on last time and he seemed to be thrown off. He moved only slightly, still in my personal space, but we weren't kissing.

"Get over there." I gave one last push with all my might and Ethan stumbled backward and hit the ground with a thump. I felt satisfaction rise through my body, but then I heard him grunt in what I assumed was pain. Then I felt guilty. I probably shouldn't have pushed him so hard, I mean I had no idea what dangerous sharp objects lurked in the dark closet.

"Damn it Mira, that hurt." I leaned down to examine (or try to examine stupid darkness) the arm he provided for me. I couldn't really see anything, and I was about to call him a cry baby when his hand grasped my wrist and effectively pulled me down so I was sitting on his lap. Greeeat.

"Ethan, I really don't think we should do this." His lips were already fused to my neck and I had a feeling my protests were falling upon deaf ears. At this point my last thoughts of resistance flew out the window. I oulled away long enough to stand back up and pull Ethan back to his feet.

Within seconds I was back against whichever wall was closest to us, and to be honest I had lost all sense of where the hell I was left, right,up and down didn't matter. I was forcing myself to be in the moment. Our lips worked against each other and I felt his hands working their way across my hips, stomach, down my back and then they were on my ass lifting me into the air. I wrapped my legs around his waist and deepened the kiss as much as possible. My chest was tightening and as much as I didn't want to pull away air was kind of important.

We pulled apart and the only noise in the room was the sounds of heavy breathing was the only thing even tangible right now. After staring into his eyes for a moment, I decided I was going to tease him, like he had been doing to me only a minute ago. I nipped at his lower lip and let my hands explore his back and I eventually moved to his stomach (which by the was very toned.) I let a finger dip below the waist of his jeans and dropped my head to his shoulder so I could leave a little mark on his neck. I suck lightly and when i heard him groan I couldn't help but smile with satisfaction. Now he knew how it freakin' felt.

I was about to resume kissing him when I felt Ethan lose balance, I was quickly moving backward. Then a stream of light nearly blinded my poor eyes. Thankfully Ethan didn't lose balance completely because chances are he would have crushed me. I suppose crushing me would have been worse, now we were standing in the middle of the room. I was in Ethan's arms probably looking a little less than innocent. This one was going to be hard to explain.

Ethan set me down gently and leaned in close, "This isn't over Mira. Meet upstairs in ten minutes." He kissed me on the cheek and walked away casually. AS if nothing that had happened in the past seven minutes had effected him. Arrogant asshole.