hey shine yourself,

edge city edge- leaping

and stone relief, stone

mountain, stone-heat,

hot down here like heat

born old from stone

hey. hurricane traffic

trails, been years, been

years. count your storm-

edge, storm-front, we

all see it coming, a hot

heady doom hurrying

down the scoop of south

we're all living

by the ocean you

know we're all

living in hot rain

in hot stone rain

in hot still cars parked

highways, edge city,

hey- rain comes

change, you change,

you build you change

but rain comes.

hey create

night here

in heat

create night


cool night

roaring behind

stone sun sunk

behind night

weather exists

yes, in faraway.

live on edges, cut

yourself open-

if anything comes

we're done.

You're done.