Free Me: a disjointed ramble

If I could have a moment of your time

Just to change your mind

I think you'd find that it's about time that you realized

There's no point in ignoring the signs

With every word we're just falling behind

What's it take to remind you that all of these lies are of your design

And I try my best to be kind

But civility is losing its shine

I can't be another guy just standing in line to stay on your good side

And I know you've better things today

And I know you know I've got a few too

What's "another lonely boy" supposed to do?

And I'm done sucking up

And I'm done giving a fuck

And I'm pretty sure that I've finally had enough of trying too hard to please "you"

So start writing today

And maybe I'll get back to you

Find yourself something to say

And maybe I'll come out to play

But right now I feel like shit

And I'm losing it

How can I feel so conflicted with no one to contradict?

I feel like shit

But what it really comes down to is I miss you

And you never seem to notice

And you never seem to care

And I never seem to get passed this

I just hide behind an empty-eyed stare

And I don't see any end to this logic

And that's assuming that there's any kind there

And I assume that the future holds prospect

But in the present it all seems to be bare

You won't find me understanding

In fact I tend to be judgmental as hell

You won't find me too demanding

But you probably won't find me in the first place to tell

Oh well

I'm not the one who's all that easy to sell

Me for free

Free me

I don't cost anything

Just need a female

Holding me

And the necessities

One me for free

Boringly exactly as I seem