good ol' times

dingy picnic benches
and empty ramen cups;
just like the good ol' times-
minus a person or two
and oh-
how we miss those days;
not of drama or tears or anger;
but of laughter and closeness.
months and years it took to build us
and only minutes to tear us down-
we were young and so foolish then
((but maybe we're still the same))
it's only been a year- maybe less,
but gods it feels like centuries.
she's happy it happened;
a lesson learned they said
i can understand, but
i can't say the same;
there's a face i can't forget
and memories that won't fade,
a lingering regret
at how easily we fell;
betrayed and backstabbed-
but it's all in the past,
better off forgotten
except for the good ol' times
of laughter and closeness.