Prince Charming…

You were my prince charming…

You found my glass slipper.

You made me fall in love.

You gave me my first kiss,

my first and only wish.

I hold you on a pedestal,

My love, my heart, my darling.

With your eyes a silvery blue,

and your sword shining true.

But it wasn't meant to be,

and so it never shall be.

I have bitten the poison apple,

and await your waking kiss…

In the darkness I will be,

Until you come to save me,

From the terrors of the world.

I will wait until you come,

And kiss me softly my lovely one.

And I will be you princess

If that is what you wish…

Happily ever after or happily never after,

It's your to choose…

So come quickly my love before I lose…


-Desire Spelle