AShort Story By,

Desire Spelle


Why me? Seems like whenever anything good in my life happens I lose it. I never get my happy ending. I love you… was the last thing I said to him. I'm glad that it was that and only simply that. It seems like only yesterday when we were both laying under the stars. It was senior year of college and my boyfriend Gabriel had invited me to his house for a fourth of July party. We had been dating since junior year in high school (at prom he asked me out) and we'd been friends since preschool. It was great, I got to hang out with his family (even some I had never met) and we had a good time, had a few drinks (Strawberry Daiquiri's mostly for me), and played a couple of rounds of volley ball (which my team beat his… Ha ha! Take that!). It was a great party and it was thoroughly enjoyed. Even the neighbors, who were also throwing a party, stopped over to chill for a while. I don't remember much else about the party, but I do remember that night… Let me take you there to that moment on the fourth of July before the fireworks at midnight.

We laid on the damp lawn in the darkness looking up at the stars. I slowly slipped my head onto his chest and closed my eyes listening to his steady heartbeat. My head rose and fall with his deep breaths as he linked his fingers with mine. It was about 11:55 and the marvelous fireworks would start in about any minute. I could hear the music from the party down the hill behind us, but we sat there on the top of the hill waiting for the town fire works. A few kids from the family were running around in the lawn… waiting. 11:57... Only a few minutes left…11:58... Almost there…11:59... he whispered something in my ear… something I wasn't expecting…

"Sara… Will you marry me?" I cocked my head up off of his chest to look into his steely blue eyes that were bubbling with happiness.

"…yes…" I whispered back. "Yes!" I exploded flinging my arms around him and knocking him further back onto the ground 12:00... and as we kissed the explosions of red blue and white filled the sky behind us. "I love you…" I whispered as small tear gliding down my cheek.

"I love you too." he said lifting my chin up and looking back into my eyes. He kissed me again as the showering sparks of light in the air came drifting to the ground with as more were shot up with loud booms and whizzing noises. It was the best night of my life.

We never got married… He died the next morning... Gabri was driving to work from his morning class when he was hit by a drunk driver who had passed out at the wheel after a long night of partying… My love was gone… gone…