I walked on the board-walk with my friends, Bethany, Arden, Connie, and Dan. The sky was all ugly and brown and Bethany and I jumped up on a huge brick wall that separate the ocean from the board walk.

"Dude it's so totally cool up here! You gotta see this!" I said as I looked at the insanely large waves. Then it started to rain.

Suddenly the brick wall turned into a gate and Dan knocked the gate down. Bethany and I fell in the freezing cold water.

"You fuckin idiot! What the hell's wrong with you!" I screamed as I tried to stay above the water.

"Bye," Dan said. Arden and Connie waved happily.

"YOU BUTTCH...EEK!!" Bethany screamed.

We floated to Europe.

"Who are they?" I asked as I looked at the scary British people and hid behind Bethany.

"I don't know...maybe they're friendly!" Bethany suggested happily. "Hiya! My name's Bethany and this is Bri and we're from America!" Bethany tried to shake hands with the scary looking people.

The people (who we learned were cannibals) chased us back into the ocean and we floated back to the boardwalk.

"Back so soon?" Arden asked when she saw us.

"British people are scary," I said with a shiver.

This story came out of a dream I had, so no offence to all European people reading this...(oh and the people with names are real too)