Title: Rabbit Hole

Written: 2007-2008

Rating: PG

You fell down the rabbit hole, chasing a fantasy.

I haven't been what you want for a while.

You seek adventure and call me complacent behind my back.

I can't hear your words, you think, and smile.


I weave stories on the night air, play movies on my eyelids.

I'm searching for something you can no longer give.

You want a wild one, someone with sparks.

I just want to rest and follow my dreams to their end.


She's a beautiful girl, the one you see on the side.

She's funny and kind, but sometimes her wit cuts sharp.

She has edges and a dark side—and you like that.

You were never on the receiving end of my temper, though—

So can I really blame you for the fact that you don't know?


Of course I can.

You never looked, not once; did you just tire of me?

You never looked, not once, content to stride away from me.

You never looked, and now you've found her, that girl who's not me.


You fell down the rabbit hole, chasing a fantasy,

Rushing after something you think you want.

I'm too dull, lacking edge and sparks, not dangerous enough for you.

Not cold enough for you.

Not… something enough for you.


I wish you happiness.

I don't care enough anymore to be bitter, or hurt.

Leave me to my dreams; run off with yours.

You'll learn.