you were looking into our future
seeing how this would end up
if we were together.
looking for predictability, i guess,
because when you looked,
you saw something
and you ran.

when you look at her,
there was nothing there.
you don't know what next year,
next decade,
will look like with her.

you need that, i guess.
that secure insecurity
that says
"this could end,
and i would never
worry, 'but what if..?'"

because you never made any
"what if'"s
with her.

with me, you knew how it would work.
i would make more money,
we would have kids,
live in a pretty house
until we retired
somewhere warm
and bought a few cats.

with her, you don't know any of that.
maybe you would make more money,
maybe you wouldn't have kids,
maybe you'd live in an apartment
til you were 90.

you're not at the stage
where you want a future.

you're scared because with me,
you'd have one.