The room was dim; a dark and vapid environment was almost suffocating in its intensity. If anyone were to have peered through the window that night they would have only seen what appeared to be a few kids sitting around aimlessly. Candles flickered against the lightly crumbling, graffitied walls, illuminating five teenagers sitting in a circle on the floor. Between them was a pentagram etched into the old wooden floor, at each point a single colored candle was placed, and behind each one of those candles, sat a person.

It was dead silent, only slight groans from trees protesting against the slight wind could be heard, that was until the creek made in the shifting of universal matter sounded. It all happened rapidly, the flicker of eyes opening accompanied with five voices and a nearly simultaneous cracking noise. All five voices blended together in a united voice, upon their realization, and their declaration of the future of their fate: "Jamie Layden must die!"