L: IV Attraction Monday 5:00 PM

It had taken laurel awhile to calm down. He was no longer in hysterics, and he could no longer cry, so he just sat and stared. It was about five and he decided to turn on the news, to see if they had any stories running about Jamie. The room was empty and all the lights were off, the only room with a T.V. also had no furniture, they didn't use it much, only for occasions like this, for news, and other worldly updates. The other four had left Laurel to himself once they had decided they couldn't do much to help.

Fantella had suggested they put him to rest with a sleeping spell, that maybe he would be able to work through things better while he was asleep. They tried, but every time they would start the spell their powers would block mid-way. Laurel was willing himself to stay awake, so there they left him to be alone.

While into the first couple of reports Jacque walked in to check on Laurel. Laurel could tell who had entered without having to look up. He was used to the pattern of each person's stride and how it made a specific sound against the hardwood floor. Jacque came over to Laurel and sat next to him quietly. They both sat watching the news until it was over, there were no stories on Jamie.

"Just because they didn't have a story on him doesn't mean that he wasn't important Laurel. For all we know, the hospital might not have released any information on him yet." Laurel turned and looked at Jacque, he always knew what to say. Even though he couldn't read minds he could still understand which buttons needed to be pushed to make a person feel better. Laurel had started to get angry, thinking that nobody except for him thought that Jamie's death was relevant. Looking over at Jacque seeing the blue tinted light reflected off of his face, Laurel suddenly felt comforted. He knew what Jacque said held truth, that the story may not have been over yet. As he looked into Jacque's ocean like eyes, which amazingly stood out even brighter against his blue-lit face, he wished he weren't alone, he wished that there could be six elements instead of five, that their were six ancestors instead of just these five. Fantella was so lucky to have a guy like Jacque. Just as Eriksen was lucky to be with Yolanda. But who was Laurel left with? Nobody.

"You're right." Jacque's mention of the hospital sparked a new interest in Laurel. He got up and started out the door.

"Laurel, where are you going? Laurel?" He didn't even wait to hear Jacque's entire question before shutting the door behind him.

Finding out information at this hospital wasn't ever too much of a hassle. In larger towns they may have strictly set guidelines about what information they were allowed to release, but in a town this small people broke protocols easier.

Laurel walked through the front door and directly to the registration counter where a short-haired redhead was working on a stack of paperwork. Here glasses were half-way down her nose, giving her a slightly more approachable feel, and yet it was more authoritative at the same time.

"Excuse me."

"Yes," she said as she looked over her glasses. "How can I help you?"

I'm looking for someone, he may or may not have been admitted to this hospital, I'm not actually sure where they took him."

"Name please?"

"His name is Jamie Layden." The counter had a name plate on it, according to the gold script the clerk's name was Cheryl. The way she was looking at Laurel made him nervous, but she appeared ready enough to help him.

"Oh," she smiled, a good sign. "You aren't the first person to have asked me about his status. He was here a few hours ago. The doctor said that he was fine and sent him home for rest." Her entire demeanor had changed, she now seemed much more friendly than she did intimidating. Laurel took in a deep breath, he felt as if he had been holding it since that afternoon. As if the entire world and just opened up again. As if he was going to die of suffocation and now he was saved. Jamie was alive, but did that mean they would have to now kill him?

Laurel shut the door quietly, he didn't want to alert anyone of his presence. He went directly to his room to think about how he should handle his current situation. He ran through all of the consequences and decided on telling everyone the news about Jamie, They would find out he was alive by tomorrow anyway, but how he was going to get them to defy The Cheuffen was the most difficult part of the problem.

The meeting was fast. Laurel just re-told his story and it was over, in less than a minute. He didn't bring up The Cheuffen, or the fact that they would still need to kill Jamie. Everyone knew that part, but it was further of into the future, he would deal with it as it started to approach. They wouldn't act without planning every detail first, so Laurel had time to figure out his counter plan, there was not any use arguing over it tonight. So upon the completion of his story they all went about their own tasks again. Laurel glanced towards the clock, it was 7:30, and it was already dark outside. Once again he started towards the door, but no one tried to stop him this time. He was going to visit Jamie.

Lyspen was the kind of town in which people rarely drove or did anything once it became dark, Laurel was the only person outside as he walked down the sidewalk. The street lamps' dim glow reflected weakly off the surfaces around him. He was dressed dark clothing and he could only imagine how much he must have resembled one of those dark figures people fear crossing in the middle of the night.

House numbers passed in a rising pattern, Laurel was nearing Jamie's house. When he was at the hospital earlier he had noticed the file the registration clerk was working on had happened to be Jamie's. He was able to see most of the information, including Jamie's address. He now brought it out from his memory as he stood in front of a tan house with brick borders. The numbers matched, laurel looked at his cell-phone, it was 8:15.

He decided to look through a window, after finding no suitable viewing points from the front of the house he decided to jump over the worn wooden gate to see if there was a better window to look through in the back. Moving as silently as he could he kept his back to the wall as he slid along. He tiptoed almost falling over a garden house that was lying in the garden planters, but he caught himself before signaling anyone.

He came to a window located at the back of what looked like Jamie's kitchen, directly through the kitchen he could see the backs of Jamie and another person sitting on the couch. Laurel had found his window, his stake-out point.

Nothing overly exciting happened and it had been at least thirty minutes, but the important thing was Jamie was okay. Laurel started to shift around to leave, which he probably should have done earlier, he had came her to make sure he was ok, not to stalk him from the bushes. Jamie was ok, so it was time to go. As Laurel rose to start walking away he glanced back through the window one last time, and when he did he saw Jamie kissing the girl that had been sitting next to him. Laurel stood fully upright in the window with his mouth agape. It was a good thing that the girl was too distracted to pay attention to anything as she left, and that Jamie was too busy staring at the floor or else they would have seen Laurel standing outside the window, in full view.

Laurel realized he needed to move before Jamie did, he ducked down and made his way back toward the gate. He couldn't believe what he had just seen. Jamie had a girlfriend? Well, it made sense now that he looked at it, why wouldn't an attractive, smart, high school-aged boy have a girlfriend? Even if every part of it seemed rational something about it still didn't fit correctly. Laurel thought about what was missing from the equation, but he couldn't find anything specifically. Then he understood, and it all made sense, he was jealous.

He was standing in front of Jamie's door, how he got there he wasn't entirely sure, he must have been too caught up in thinking and sneaking around, he didn't even remember going through the gate. He fought with whether he should knock or if he should just return home. When he looked back he realized he had never actually spoken with Jamie. Well, that was most surely a good enough reason to start, but not tonight, he decided he would try tomorrow.

Laurel found himself sitting alone in the park near Jamie's house, underneath him the bench creaked every time he shifted his weight, trying to get warm. He wasn't sure how long he had been sitting here, all he knew is that, he didn't actually know. He couldn't get the image of Jamie and his girlfriend kissing out of his mind. He had never felt like this, he had read about characters in books who felt like this, but he always assumed that the authors of the books were always exaggerating. He wasn't sure what he felt, it was bordering the line between jealousy, loneliness, and insanity. The only emotion that he could see fitting into all of these categories, was attraction.

No, it didn't add up, it was even more basic than biological instinct, it was just a rule, Laurel was made to be alone. There were five in his family, there could only be two pairs, leaving Laurel partner less. If there was a sixth element, instead of only five it may have been different, but there wasn't. It was, and has always been five. Plus Laurel wasn't attracted to men, he knew this for sure. All of he was had to follow the rules and guidelines, it was their way of life, and part of those guidelines was the balancing of energy. Female spirit and male spirit, water and fire. It was like the basic pairing of good versus level, but on a less extreme level. You couldn't bond two male energies together, it was against the rules. Honestly, when was the last time anyone had heard of Yang and Yang?

Laurel checked the time, it was just after midnight. He had been sitting alone for hours now, he decided it was time to go home. He liked this time of darkness, it wasn't menacing or completely empty. He felt alone, but not bothered by it. Without noticing exactly where he was going he had once again ended up in front of Jamie's house, it was apparent that he should talk to him. What he would say was still forming in his mind, but it was most likely best if he talked to him at least once before Laurel decided to make any life-altering decisions, so he decided now is the time.

He raised his hand and pushed the doorbell button. About a minute later Jamie answered the door. Laurel smiled at his simple innocence, Jamie looked so adolescent almost, with his non-attentive look just as he woke up. It was the same look a five year-old would have after just waking up from a nap. It took another few moments for Jamie to realize what was happening. Laurel could see everything he was thinking reflected directly through his eyes. Which usually meant that Laurel's feelings were just as obvious, he had never felt more connected to anyone else than he did to this little confused boy who was answering the door.

Once he was home and thinking clearly he went through everything that had happened. He knew it wasn't the best thing he could have done. Everyone was already talking about how he was connected to Jamie, and going last night to talk to him was probably just going to confirm how overly attached he was to Jamie. So he decided not to tell them. If they knew then that was fine, but he wasn't going to give them yet another reason to be angry with him. It was late, and still a weeknight, and they had school in the morning, so he went to his room, which had chrome plated furniture, with modern layouts. Even if the rules didn't change in eight centuries it didn't mean that his décor couldn't.

As they all filed out the door there was a golden apple sitting on the black end table that stood next to the doorway. They all knew what this meant, The Cheuffen had signaled for a meeting tonight.

For most people the school day was the same as any other, the work didn't change, the classes didn't change, but for Laurel it was different. Everything was different, as if something had woken up inside of him. It was as if even his vision had widened, giving him a brighter more Technicolor vision of the world. Something changed in side of him when he spoke to Jamie, and he didn't want to lose sight of this change, he wanted to spend more time with Jamie to ensure that this feeling of light would stay, he was less weighed down as he was walking to the car as school ended for the day.

As they exited the hallway laurel saw Jamie walking by, he wanted to talk to him but he knew it would only end with the others being angry at him for making contact. Then again he figured Jamie would be even more frustrated if Laurel walked right past him, so he chose to talk to Jamie.

The conversation was short a short one, Jamie looked terrified the entire time, quickly glancing around as his eyes glazed over as if he were dreaming. Laurel invited him to go somewhere, Jamie agreed, and it was over. Jamie walked away. Laurel turned and watched him as he left, he walked with a shy composure across the courtyard and disappeared into the opposite hallway.

As soon as they got home the tension broke just as Laurel assumed it would. The entire car ride was silent, but as soon as they reached the privacy of their own place they all let loose.

"So,…Laurel. Why were you speaking to the subject?" Naturally Eriksen was the first one to break the silence, and start the fight.

"He has a name." Laurel muttered, no one was listening to him except for Yolanda who rolled her eyes. Names were part of another list of rules. The "subjects" were to never be called by name outside of meetings, especially in a way of commentary. It formed a personal relationship to them, making the task at hand harder to complete in the end.

'What did the subject say to you, huh? Is he just begging not to be killed? Did he cry? Plead? 'Oh pluh-ezzz Mr. Laurel don't kill me, not today. I have sooooo much to live for." Eriksen always used mockery to inflate his own importance, any time he knew that somebody would be offended by it he took the time to do so.

"He has, a name!" Laurel growled, his voice starting to rise. He clenched his fists and calmed himself down, this was exactly what Eriksen was trying to make him do. React negatively to show that he was immature in his emotions.

"Just tell him Laurel. What did you and uh, Jamie, talk about? Did you tell him anything?" Fantella stepped in between Eriksen and laurel as a blockade.

"Of course I didn't tell him anything. What do you think I want? To sound entirely crazy? Mo. I didn't tell him anything." Laurel looked down and stuck his hands into his pockets. He smiled, this was a very Jamie-like stance. "No, I just invited him out on Friday."

"Pfft. Like a date?" Jacque said from the couch he was sitting on. Glancing up to gauge Laurel's reaction, who was still looking down at the floor. Laurel chuckled before he looked up and connected to Jacque's eyes.

"Yes, like a date." Laurel said the word loudly and firmly, beaming the entire time. Everyone stood and stared, except for Jacque who returned his smile, and added a slight nod. Laurel turned and walked out the door.

A few minutes later he had reached the park, and he sat on the bench. He decided he would most likely be spending a lot of time sitting here over the next few months. Which was a prospect he was entirely okay with.