Murasaki Ame

By Rika Onienkai

Usual warning--Yaoi M/M explicit sexual content

If you shouldn't be reading it don't

One shot unless people beg; otherwise I'm considering it a practice run.


Age: 19

Sex: Male

Blood Type: B-


Age: 20

Sex: Male

Blood Type: O


Age: 21

Sex: Male

Blood Type: B

Chapter One

Let Me Explain

Hayato and Daisuke met a week earlier. Hayato was sure he was in love, like he always did when he met a new guy, but being he coy bastard that he was he wasn't so sure though. He was a young gay guy with shitty luck at dating. He was, however, really good looking and everyone wanted him until he opened his mouth. That was when the alien deep inside him felt the need to break free. Hayato felt that everyone deserved his opinion, a little piece of his mind. If only he knew he didn't have enough to share. Daisuke fell into the timid category and was overwhelmed by Hayato. He was afraid he couldn't stand up against Hayato's reputation. He wasn't really sure he wanted too either.Ami, the whore as Hayato lovingly referred to him, was his roommate in the apartment they shared in Tokyo. Hayato was going to school to become a beautician and Ami worked for a bank, between them they managed to pay the rent and keep up their drug and alcohol requirements for the month. Oops, and of course food. Ami and Hayato had an ongoing and somewhat light hearted competition to see who could get the most and best guys or each others. Everything was going along pretty well until Daisuke came into the picture. Daisuke was really hot and made his living as a gardener. He thought both Ami and Hayato were cute and wasn't sure which one he wanted most, he just knew he was happy that Hayato had let him into their private little world of sex, drugs, general depravity, satanic rituals, or whatever else twisted their knot that week.

Hayato should have been smart enough to know better than to leave Ami and Daisuke alone, but he wasn't. Daisuke came over to the apartment to hang out with Hayato before all of their little group went out clubbing. When Daisuke arrived Hayato ditched him being his usual prima donna self and he took off for the club without Daisuke and Ami, telling them to catch up with him there and to behave. That was his first mistake of the evening, if he was smarter he would have come back for a three way.

Ami went in to take a shower, and get ready to go out, leaving poor Daisuke to watch TV and fend for himself. While waiting for Ami to get out of the shower Daisuke put on Prince's Purple Rain album and set it to replay. When Ami got out of the shower he was semi-dressed, but the look on Daisuke's face told him that he wished that there was less covering. This really amused Ami who wasn't one to back down from a challenge, especially a sexual conquest of any kind.

Putting a piece of apple candy in his mouth, Ami went over and flopped down next to poor Daisuke in the same semi-toweled state he was in when he left the bathroom. Daisuke at that point didn't really have a chance anymore.

Leaning over to Daisuke, Ami said, "Do you want to share this candy with me?"

Meanwhile, Ami all but crawled into Daisuke's lap and the two of them kissed sharing the piece of candy until it was so small that one of them had to give in. Ami let Daisuke have the pleasure of chewing the last sliver of candy. At that point, Daisuke was done for. He picked up Ami, towel and all, and headed for Ami's bedroom.

Once there he looked at the wall of mirrors, and exclaimed, "Oh my god!"

"Do you use these for watching yourself having sex?" Daisuke asked.

"As often as possible," Ami's replied, further stating however that they were there when they moved in. They creeped Hayato out so he took the room.

Daisuke pushed Ami down on the bed and the two began to roll around kissing and groping each other and generally giggling at their naughtiness. Ami decided that Daisuke's clothing advantage had to be lost. He began to peel him like a piece of succulent fruit. Once on equal footing the fun began.

"Damn," said Ami, "I meant to shave while I was in the shower."

Daisuke took this as an opportunity to go get Hayato's razor, (boy was he gonna be pissed), shaving cream and hot wet towels. He then proceeded to cover Ami in small segments with shaving cream and to shave him from his toes to his neck not missing anything in between. This, of course, made every inch of Ami's body more sensitive to touch.

Daisuke began to lick and suck his way down Ami's body leaving as many marks as possible just for the hell of it. Finally, he came to Ami's already erect member and began to lick and stroke it until Ami was arching his back and begging for release. Regaining some composure, Ami flipped Daisuke over and gave him a heart shaped set of hickies on his chest. He then began working his way down to swirl his tongue around the head of Daisuke's cock before plunging down on it till he could feel it fill the back of his throat.

"Oh, god that feels good," mumbled Daisuke.

Daisuke shifted positions a little and noticed a vibrator on the floor net to the low bed. Lubing it up he inserted it into Ami's willing hole. For Ami the room began to spin as Daisuke started to stroke him off and twist the buzzing vibrator in circles. With a loud moan Ami came all over Daisuke's hand and his own chest.

"Now it is my turn," Daisuke stated with an evil laugh.

Ami put lube into his own hand and covered Daisuke's member in it. Daisuke positioned himself between Ami open legs and eased himself into his tight hole. While screwing like bunnies they failed to notice the record scratching in the living room, indicating that Hayato had come home and noticed that his new boyfriend was fucking his roommate.