Don't Be Afraid

Somehow you've found me here
In the time that I've felt the most vulnerable
But here we are now, and I'm waiting
On you to give me a sign.

Give me the signal to pass go…
I don't want to collect anything but your love
And keep it close to my heart.

I feel so wonderful when I'm with you
You make me feel so complete
Just please don't leave me in the cold
Where I'll only wither and die again

But if it comes to be such a beautiful letdown…
Let me know that somewhere inside your soul
I had a place to stay…

So here we are again… once more at the question

How much do you love me? Just how much do you care?
Do you want to make something of us…
Or leave it here dormant and stale?

You'll never know the true meaning of us
Until you give it a chance…
Don't be afraid.