I dislike parties – I can't drink alcohol (im allergic), I hate dancing in front of people – though my friends say Im good and I hate drunken people feeling me up – or attempting to. That is why I am never found at parties unless my friends drag me – usually bribery is involved.

I thought it would be like any other party – beer, drunken people and music outside and beer, drunken people and making out inside – I was right.

I walked around the house trying to find an unoccupied room where I could read my book – yes I take books to parties. I finally found one – a bedroom without people in it. I locked the door and settled down on the bed. About fifteen minutes later I heard pounding on the door and someone yelling but because of the music I couldn't make out what they were saying.

I slowly rolled off the bed and unlocked the door. I opened it only to be hit by a guy's fist.

"That. Was. Uncalled. For." I was mad – no one can hit me and get away with it. He looked at me in surprise then sneered. "If you and your boyfriend weren't about to have sex in my bed then I wouldn't be pounding on the door.

I smirked. "If that's how you want to be then fine." I slammed the door in his face and locked it.

He pounded for a while then stopped. "Finally!" I muttered, now I could concentrate on my book.


I looked up to see the guy from before looking down at me – first smiling and then he started to look more and more confused.

When I regained the ability to speak I glared at him "yes?"

"You're…" he blinked a couple of times. "You're reading ... not making out."

"Really? And all this time I thought I was flying to the moon."

He glared at me.

"Spare key?"

"What?" Simple minded drunken people – so easy to confuse them.

"I'm guessing you found a spare key – that's how you got in"


I went back to reading.

"I'm Michael."

"Uh hm?"

"You're pretty rude – I should kick you out."

"Only the host can do that."

"I am the host"

I looked at him properly for the first time; shaggy dirty blonde hair, green eyes, pretty tall and lanky with muscles, the type of guy I would describe as my Prince Charming. "Sorry."

He raised an eyebrow. "That doesn't tell me your name."

"What use is a name…?"

"For a rose by any other name smells just as sweet."

"you quote Shakespeare – very impressive."

"I'll kick you out if you don't tell me your name!"

"You'll kick me out? Promise?" I looked up at him with hopeful eyes.

"You're weird."

I hugged myself. "Yah! He called us weird!!!"

"You're insane."

"Stop that! Why, you're making me blush!"


"Can you kick me out or leave me alone?"


"Thank you." I rolled on to my stomach and started reading. All of a sudden I was lying on my back with Michael straddling me, "After you've told me your name."

"I thought you objected to sex on your bed."

"Not when it's between me and a beautiful girl."

I gaped. No one had called me beautiful and meant it – and he looked sincere.

He leaned down and kissed me.

"What do you think your doing?" I asked him as he trailed kisses over my face and down my neck.

"Oh my gosh."

"Oops sorry."

Michael swore. "I forgot to lock the door."

"Wait – Rachel is that you?"

"Hey Kace, ready to go?"

"Well we are but did you want to stay here?" She giggled.

I shoved Michael off me I gave him one last kiss before whispering "Rachel" into his ear, and left the room.

"Are you going out with Mike?"

"No" I answered for the fifteenth that day. Oh the joys of high school rumours on a Monday.

The next girl who asked me that question I asked which Mike she was talking about. She gave me a look. "Mike Hudgens."

I slid down the wall then snorted – Mike Hudgens is the captain of the rugby team, the head Jock – 'the' guy at my school. Why would people think we were going out?

Oh gosh … Mike is short for Michael. I had never seen mike up close – different social circles and different years; he's a year older.

School was finally over; for that day at least.

"Hey Rach" I felt arms go around my waist and his lips press into my neck.

I turned around and pushed him off me, "Why didn't you tell me your real name?!"

He looked shocked then smiled ruefully and ran his hand through his hair. "Cause you would have left and…"

"What you think you wouldn't have found another girl to kiss?"

He pressed me into my locker, hands either side of my head. "You drive me crazy and… I think I might be falling in love with you." He whispered before leaning down and kissed me.

I pushed him away again and punched him twice - hard. He looked hurt (emotionally). "The first punch was for lying to me, the second for stealing my first kiss - now hurry up and kiss me again before i feel the need to slap you!

He grinned and complied.