feels strange because i have nothing to say
to you, it used to be so much rambling (and
yes I'm bloody missing you now)

know what i miss?
passing notes in the class
driving teachers crazy
bunking off physics
and talking endlessly
with you

did i mention that it
broke my heart when you moved away?
remember, remember?
the week before you left
i was at home all bored
and you phoned
and we talked for hours
while watching Live 8
and the concerts
on television

and when they showed a part
of the concert in Philadelphia
and you were singing to Linkin Park
all i could see was those tall buildings
whispering " man, thats where you're gonna
be in a couple of days" with eyes brimming
over and you stopped singing.

Its been 2 years, hasn't it?
I'm sorry we've lost touch
too busy for mails or quick chats
sorry sorry sorry
Nina told me that your mom died today
I hope she didn't suffer long

maybe you've changed in these years
but all i know is you're shattered ( but
please just don't fold into yourself and disappear
I've seen that happen to too many people i know
just don't loose yourself)

sitting on my bed here, helpless
i'd readily switch places with any
loser near you just for today
just so you can put your head on my shoulder
and i'll hold you and try my best
to steal away your grief.


a/n- the first time i've written something so personal ..