"Come on kiddo," Marion growled dragging the teenage boy by his hair. "We've got to make an impression on big sister."

"Sh-she's not my sister," the kid stuttered trying to loosen Marion's grip.

Marion giggled. An odd and twisted sound that made the kid shiver. "You'd be surprised how much cops squeal while they're bleeding." Marion turned to Seth. "Open the trunk."

Seth ran forward and obeyed instantly. "Get in," Marion ordered pushing the kid towards the open trunk.

The kid looked back at him, his eyes wide with terror. "N-no," the kid stammered. He was defiant.

Marion's eyes narrowed dangerously. "How slow do you want to die?" He hissed stepping closer to the boy.

The kid's Adam's apple bobbed, but he still straightened and looked Marion in the eyes. "I-I won't just bow down to your will you psychotic bastard."

Marion's mile was twisted and wicked. The fear in the kid's eyes intensified, but he didn't back down. "You're just making my day." Marion struck hard and fast. His fist slammed into the kid's stomach and his air rushed out in a harsh gust. Marion brought his knee up and slammed the kid's face down into it, breaking the kid's nose. The kid fell backward half in the trunk and semi-conscious. "Get him in Seth," Marion ordered going around to the front of the car and getting in. He was already in his mind planning on the tortures that he had in store for Leigh's little brother.

Seth joined him not long later and held out a small blue cell phone. "Found this in the kid's pocket."

Marion took and it looked at it carefully. "We're going to the warehouse."

"Special Agent Daniels?" The man looked like the typical good ol' boy sheriff, but there was a glimmer of intelligence in his eyes that was usually absent in the eyes of other men sharing his stereotype.

"Sheriff Kenneth Abraham, I presume," Daniels said holding out his hand for the sheriff to shake.

"We're glad you could come, I've known Leigh and Daniel since they were babies and they don't deserve any of this."

"Daniel?" Special Agent Daniels asked as he and the sheriff started walking into the station.

"He's Leigh's little brother. Still in high school. He was the one that got Leigh out of the house. From what they told me, Daniel dropped by the house to visit his sister and went back to the bedroom where he found the room splattered with blood. That kind of mess would make anyone sick. Apparently he thought it was his sister's until he heard something crash in the study. Idiot kid went to investigate and found his sister tied to one of her chairs. Got her away and they came straight here."

"Where are they now?" Daniels asked as Abraham took a file from a cabinet and handed it to him.

"My men took them out of town. They'll be fine."

A growl built in the back of Daniels' throat. "I don't think you understand Abraham. Marion Thorne is not only psychotic and violent, he's also intelligent. I can guarantee you by now that if your men aren't dead, they will be in the next hour. I want my witnesses Abraham and I want them now."

"Alright, alright, hold your horses Special Agent Daniels," Abraham said holding his hands up. "I'll hail my men right now."

Abraham picked up the mic for the radio and hailed the cruiser. The voice that answered was tentative and female. "Uncle Kenneth?"

"Leigh? What are you doing in the cruiser?"

"Isaiah and Luke are dead. Marion killed them. He-he took Dan. I couldn't save him. What if he kills him?"

"Miss Parsons, I'm Special Agent Daniels. You need to come back to the police station now. Marion won't kill your brother if he doesn't have you. He's better off if you're safe."

"Easy for you to say," the young woman's voice was bitter. "It's not your family in danger, Special Agent Daniels."

"Parsons, get back to this police stations now." Daniels snapped.

"If he gives me the chance, I will go after my brother. He saved me. I have to save him."

"Parsons! Parsons!" If the young woman heard him, she wasn't listening. "Dammit!" Daniels swore. "Now I've probably lost both witnesses. If we don't get a lead fast, your two precious friends are going to get killed Abraham."

A ringing came from my pocket startling me. I took out my cell phone and stared at it in shock. Somehow my phone had been in my pocket the entire time. How that had happened, I didn't know. I took it out numbly and stared at the Caller ID. Daniel. My breath caught in my throat as I opened the phone. There was silence on the end of the line and I couldn't bring myself to say anything.

"Aren't you going to talk to me Leigh?" Marion Thorne's voice caught me like a blow to the gut.

"Where is he?" I demanded with more control than I felt.

Marion's voice was distorted the next time he spoke. "Say hi to big sister kid," he ordered.

"Keep running Leigh," Daniel ordered. His voice was shaky and full of pain. He cried out and I felt my heart being ripped apart.

"You don't say things like that kid," Marion growled. "You little brother is a very misbehaved young man Leigh. You should teach him a lesson. He does have your shade of hair though. I'm keeping it as a souvenir. He doesn't look bad bald."

"You bastard. Leave him alone. I'm the one that pissed you off. You can have me, but I won't let you have him." I shouted into the cell.

Marion laughed. "Oh what a wonderful spirit you have Leigh. I was wondering if it would ever come out. Why don't you come join your brother and I?"

Daniel's shouts were muffled, but his cries were clear as Marion beat him. "Stop!" I yelled tears running down his cheeks. "Where are you?" I growled, half resigned.

"That's my girl Leigh. I knew you'd make the smart choice."