Part 1

Chapter I
Docking Bay 4

The high winds bellowed from the East, telling General Gerard that the Allied Forces would be held up for a couple more days. This could not have happened at the worst possible moment. He looked up at the sky in disappointment.

Inhaling. Letting the salty air fill his aching lungs, not caring about the pain it caused.

Lieutenant Second Class Frank B. Walker ran out of the command HQ Building, "General!" His run slowly came to a jog, then to a crawl. "You really need to stop smoking, son." As the Lieutenant caught his breath, he muttered under his breath "that could be said for the both of us, sir. With all due respect." The General jumped down off the roof. "No need to apologize, my boy. We are at war, are we not?"

The Lieutenant nodded.

"What were you doing on the roof anyways, sir?"

"Just remembering the good old days" He sighed again, only this time it didn't hurt. Strange, it must be the adrenalin in his system, he closed his eyes. His face has wrinkled due to old age, and all those years of battling an unrelenting race.

The Ascendants who are threatening to wipe the DemiHuman race off the face of the galaxy have left him with a face full of scars, though most of them are little, the biggest visible scar he had was a large scar that stretched from his right brow around to his cheek. When he was younger and first got the scar, he put make-up over it to hide the mark, at the time his CO thought 'if you hide a scar it shows weakness of character.' than one day his Commanding Officer came to the training arena with large scar along his left eye, and he seemed to show it with pride. This convinced him to start showing his scar. His CO from that point on, began to respect him. Back then the General (who was only a private at that time) told people 'if you have a scar that means you survived, now show it.'

He opened his eyes; a woman was standing in front of him. He was taken aback, and staggered backwards. "Eh, Rem!" "You've been standing there for the past ten minutes, sir. What exactly where you doing?" he hesitated, than spoke in a soft tone. "I was just remembering what it was like when I was younger-" "The good old days, as he so put it." The Lieutenant interrupted the old mans speech. "I'm not sure you addressed the reason for your coming here!" the Lieutenant caught the General glaring at him. "Ah, yes." He clears his throat, "The reason I come here is to inform you that the allied ships were attacked at 0500 yesterday, only one craft made the passage. The Ship called Endurance, sir."

"The Endurance is a large ship, capable of carrying thousands of passengers. however, it originally wasn't fitted for battle the way most ships were. It has fought many battles, that's why it's named the Endurance. The reason for its long lived reputation is because of its superior LaserGel Shielding. The LaserGel Shielding was utilized by harnessing a virus known as The Deadly Crave Virus(1), in every engine room of a ship it's fitted with a LaserGel Shield, there are at least three Wraiths fitted to manipulate the technology to create the shielding around the ship. This Technology has become very useful to the USFD." Sergeant Major Derik Knyght waved his hand as a gesture for questions. They all stood up and started all at once.

A young woman with shoulder length black hair stood out amongst the others. He looked at her than pointed to her. Everyone else had disappointing looks on their faces, but no matter, it was of no concern to him whether the media was happy or not. They sat down, the woman was left standing. "Good evening, Sergeant Major. The question I've been meaning to ask you has a lot to do with ethics. Why would the Universal States Federal Defense go through all the trouble of calling our allied forces to a planet that is to far from us. When we are being attacked here in space?" As the woman stopped speaking she sat down and pressed record on her voice recorder and snapped her finger at the Camera. The Sergeant Major sighed a loud groan and then rubbed his eyes. "The reason we are helping the outer planets is because we are a part of them just as they are a part of use. We must help them just like they have helped us. We are all essentially DemiHumans. Do we look any different then them? We are all DemiSapiens, a new breed of DemiHuman evolution."

After the meeting with the press, he waved over to the woman. The woman came over to him. He put his arm around her shoulder. Then hugged her. "Olivia, I wasn't expecting you to show up here."

"Well you know me, always unexpected-" "And Cruel" he interrupted her with a sudden grim look. "Oh, Derrick. . ." he started walking away. "Jesus, Olivia, are you trying to get this administration thrown into chaos?" He kept looking back to her. "We've spent years trying to keep peace with the Outer Planets. Can you imagine their reaction if they saw that broadcast?" Olivia had a sad look on her face. "Forgive me, Derrick. I was just trying to do my job." He turns to her. "It's alright."

August 23, 0521, rendezvous with Endurance at 0700 on human space station Outer Frequency: In Progress.

Unauthorized access of Data.

File/34698 detected.

Overriding main security systems to compensate for corruption.

File/34698. . . Open? Y/N

Commencing Extraction of files.

File/34698 Opened:


Snamuh era a ecargsid ot lla Tneitnes Sgnieb fo siht esrevinu! Ew lliw yortsed rouy eacr. Eb yraw fo our gnimoc!

Translation Node Activated: Humans are a disgrace to all Sentient Beings of this universe! We will destroy your race. Be wary of our coming!

File/64903. . . Open? Y/N

File/64903 Opened:

Encryption Code: Black

Subject: Suspicious Object

Date: January 3, 0495

Dr. Mindy Lynn Fairchild: We've completed the investigation on the mysterious chunk of wreckage that was flooding at these coordinates [Error/Coordinates Deleted]. It seems that our satellite picked it up about a week ago.

[End Transmission]

Date: March 16, 0495

Dr. Mindy Lynn Fairchild: Recovery of the wreckage was completed 20 hours ago. The data corruption surrounding the outer doors firewalls tells us that whatever that thing is, it doesn't want us to open it. We will be working hard to crack it.

[End Transmission]

Date: November 2, 0495

Dr. Mindy Lynn Fairchild: We believe the unknown object to be a ship of some sort, of an ancient alien origin. Dr. Sadler is here to explain the details of the craft.

Dr. Michael Wayne Sadler: The Nose of the ship has a circular window, we believe it to be the ships bridge. The surrounding shell of the ship is made out of some sort of organic metal, after consulting with the other scientists we've come to the consensus that we cannot make out it's chemical composition. The propulsion systems are similar to ours, though the thermal nuclear reactors seem to be none existent. Thermal infrared scouts tell us that the ship has no [transmission interference]. Therefore, we believe that it is time to send a search team into the ship.

[End Transmission]

Date: Unknown

Dr. Mindy Lynn Fairchild: What we found inside the ship was as horrible as I thought. If anyone receives this... transmission, do not, I repeat, DO NOT! Open the ship! IT'S haskh ffsff-stored jkfhuig rktydd Viru-yuate-

[ERROR: Transmission interrupted]

/Internal Connection located.

/Deleting connection

General Gerard's thoughts have been a jumbled mess since he received that last transmission over a decade ago. What was this ship they were talking about? And where is it? Rem turned to face him with a concerned look. He looked back at her, "What?" He asks. "I know that look; you want to go looking for something that is unobtainable, don't you? Your a general?" she started getting angry. "Your not the man you used to be. Not since mom died."

"Now, now, woman. Don't get to irrational here. I just happen to be older, but I am the same man that I was."

"we don't know for sure." she giggled.

"Sir, that transmission was given to us by an unknown source. So, as far as we know this could even be a fake. Just to lure us into a trap." Lieutenant Walker wasn't to sure this was a good idea either. His experienced intuition is telling him to stay away. Though he fears that the Generals intuition has faded over the years. Though he still trusts the old mans judgment.

Vector 2: Cygnus Quadrant

/Reestablishing Connection. . .

File/78356. . . Open? Y/N

File/78356 Opened

Encryption Code: Orange

Subject: The Future of Military Science

The Endurance Science Lab, is located just right of the main shuttle bay. It has many different stations that are dedicated to looking for better ways to live to see the future. We here on The Endurance are working on things like, the new LaserGel Shielding units, the old models are too outdated, AND THEY need to be renewed.

/Connecting to Outside Network. . .

Open File/78357

File/78357 Opened


/Overriding Security Matrix. . . Opened. . .

Date: Classified


Dr. Michael Wayne Sadler: Endurance Science Lab's have done what the military wanted. We've developed a High Frequency Armor that is impervious to laser fire from anything from a battle cruiser to a space station. We have also started testing war simulations with the subjects of the Cygnus Program. The Cygnus Angels Mark II's are ready for deployment.

/Retrieving Replies. . .

Date: Classified

Sergeant Major Derrick Knyght:

REPLY: Thank you Doctor for your report on the advancement and updates for this month. The news is exemplary. Though we do have a request that needs to come to attention. The Battle for June is running slowly and we believe that your Angels could be used to speed up the success of the war. So we are looking foreword to your respond on the subject.

Date: Classified

Dr. Michael Wayne Sadler:

REPLY: I am honored to finally have the opportunity to show my children to the USFD committee. My Angels will prove to be all the military hoped for. My son Lieutenant Grey will accompany me during the proceedings. I thank each and every one of the committee members for finally seeing my ideals for the warriors of the future.

/Connection Disabled

Dr. Sadler disconnected the interlink between the general and himself. He could not shake this uneasy feeling that someone was listening in on the conversation. Victor stood beside him, looking down at the screen. His blank expression meant that he didn't notice. Victor Grey was one of the few who didn't receive the Emotionless Serum as a child. His team underwent the most pain out of all the other Angels, but they grew into such strong fighters over the years.

"How are you feeling, my son?" His face showing a tiny bit of concern. Victor Looked up at his father than down to the blank screen, and back to his father. "Something doesn't make sense, father. The sudden eagerness of the USFD Military for the Cygnus Programs progress confuses me." His huge armored hand reaches over and he grabs his helmet. "It is alright, my boy. If something were to go wrong, we would be perfectly prepared." He put this hand on Victor's shoulder and walked out of the room. Victor followed behind him. As he put on his helmet he pushed the COM button inside it. "Attention all Angels, please report to Docking Bay 4. Repeat. All Angels, report to Docking Bay 4."

1 - The Deadly Crave Virus was designated DCV-3642. It originated during the Generation Wars during the dates of 0110-0115 BE. When soldiers would be stuck on an unknown planet of which they were unfamiliar with the vegetation and they didn't have the correct detox packets to test it to see if it was safe to eat. So when they ate the plant life, they would contract a deadly cannibalistic virus. So when they were eventually rescued, they would attack them, kill them, and eat their remains. The Virus was inevitably contained with higher precautions, and a newer, more thorough detox kit.