Chapter 14

And You Thought It Would Be Easy

-=00506 23nd of Orion, Ascendant Time=-

Commander Ub'Iuno was saddened now that his ship the Omni-Sweeper was to be decommissioned because of this damn infestation, the flight back to Ilie'biuss is going to be long and tense, it was such a great ship. With the Reactors gone they'll have to limp back home in shame. But at least they stopped a great threat from spreading to all the other planets. If they somehow got a hold of the command deck and took control of the ship, it'll be a galactic disaster.

The ship's unwanted inhabitants had to be dealt with in a manner befitting an orbital plague, You flush it out. From the holo-data they gathered, he could tell that the creatures were not natural. These tentacled monstrosities didn't look common to any world he'd ever been on. He sat at the captains chair hoping that the plan was working on Gui'ibons end.

"MhMh!" Gui'ibon swore he heard a few of them trying to speak. He pulled out his blade and jumped on top one of the creatures the others called Selcisl ewum or "Muscles" in the DemiHumans language. Digging the blade deep into where he thought the throat would be. The blade sunk deep into it flesh, and it slowly stopped moving.

The Reactor Core was only about 150 feet away, but the tentacled creatures were all around them, surrounding them on all fronts. Uia' raseed, the last remaining Pincher, latched his claws onto one of the 'Muscles' and with a grunt he swung it. Slammed it against the hard metallic wall of the ship. Stomping continuously to make sure it would stay down. With a snort from his four nostrils he continued to press forwards to the Reactor Core room. With Gui'ibon and Zuul trailing behind the behemoth.

Finally they reached the reactor core. More bloody entrails lay about the control room. Only this time it didn't affect them as strongly as before. "Quickly Zuul, we must detach this portion of the ship!" he yelled as he shoved another one of the 'Muscles' out of the doorway. He smashed the console next to the door, and it slammed shut. "We are doing what?" gui'ibon spun to see a Tentacled creature try to jump on Zuuls head. Without thinking he immediately pulling out his pistol and shot it while it was in the air. Zuul not realizing this, snapped around to get a bloody pulp smack him right in the face. With a look of disgust, he turned back to look at Gui'ibon.

"Do it, Now!"

Zuul wiped the bloody mess off his face. And became putting in the emergency eject protocols. "Done." He spit the creatures blood out of his mouth, but the nasty taste was still there. "Good, now lets get the hell out of here before this floor gets blown out into space."

Quickly, he ran back to the elevator. Jumping up to scan the area, He yelled to what remained of his squad. Zuul and Uia' raseed were the only ones still alive. The rest were torn apart and split between all the creatures that were devouring their remains. Flashing his light to them, "Get to the lift, Now!" He yelled. Zuul was the first to hear his plea. He crushed one of the small tentacled creatures with his club, and started charging for the lift. Uia' raseed, began to make his way to the lift when one of the Muscles slammed him against the wall, cracking his shell and rupturing his cerebral sack.

Killing him instantly. But not before he stabbed his Pincered claw through the 'Muscles' gut.

With a silent crush Gui'ibon slammed his fist on the lifts door latch. As the lift started to rise, it began to vibrate wildly as the whole deck was released into the lower atmosphere of the planet they were nearest(1). With a sigh of relief from both him and Zuul, "Commander, Zuul and I made it out before the deck was jettisoned."

The crew stood completely dumbfounded as hundreds of Ascendant Refugees boarded The Throned Freedom. Being lead by Victor. Many of the DemiHumans gave them looks of disgust, and anger directed towards the actions of their species. Many were yelling curses at Victor and his team for bringing them aboard. But some gave looks of contempt, and pity as they walked on board. Wearing tattered cloth, and scorched armor.

An Ascendant Elder collapsed to the hard metal floor, her burnt armor clattered loudly against it. A young boy ran over to help her up, the boys father protested. As he helped her, the other younger ascendant males began to help her up. She patted him on the head. "Thank you, young one." he continued to walk next to her as if to make sure she was alright. A large hand reached down and stopped him, "We'll take it from here, young warrior." the boy looked up from the giants hand, the booming voice came from Be'ali. He gave the large man a strong nod, and walked back to his father. Who gave him a stern yank, He looked back at Be'ali who has a grave look, as if to say So help me if you hurt that boy.

Victor was halted to a stop by several armored guards, "We're sorry sir, but they cannot be allowed to board the ship." explained one of the guards. "What in the Gods name are they doing here?" A yell came from the walkways above them. It was General Gerard. Be'ali stepped forward "We humbly ask for your hospitality, General Gerard." He looked over at Victor as if to make sure he said the name correctly, Victor responded with a smile and a thumbs up. "Please General, they have nowhere else to go."

The General made his way down to the docking bay, followed by the other generals who seemed to be whispering in his ear. It was once again General Rustell who said exactly what needed to be said "Why not let them stay?" They all immediately stopped talking at once. It was as if the whole docking bay fell silent. "And why do think that, Loren?" asked General Gerard. "Well, they were attacked by one of our own, and they didn't kill any of our men while they were being attacked. I'm sure Victor and his team can attest to their loyalties. I think that the first step in showing an ounce of peace would be to let them stay. To show them we mean no hostility."

Feeling satisfied with that answer he nodded his head in approval. "I will allow you to stay in the docking bay." Snapping his fingers in the guards direction "you and your men will give them beds, blankets, and the medical staff will tend to the wounded. However there will be guards posted at each entrance, just to be safe." Be'ali nodded. "Understand this, No one is to leave this Docking bay without an escort accompanying them." He nodded again, but this time bowed. General Gerard reached out a hand and Be'ali shook it firmly. "Careful Sir, He's got one hell of a handshake." Jason jokingly added.

As the lift reached the Command Deck, both Gui' ibon and Zuul were thinking of what the Commander might think of their actions leading to their escape without their whole squad.

The doors opened.

As they slowly walked out of the lift, they were greeted by cheers and applause. The Commander was standing in the center of the command deck clapping along with the rest of the crew. They walked over to the Commander, being met with handshakes, and hugs. "Well done, Septors." Both Gui'ibon and Zuul had looks of pure astonishment. What they were given was the greatest honor a Commander could give.

"Congratulations gentlemen, you two are now The Right Hands of the Ascendant Overlord."

1 - The planet will become known as Asternone.