There was a time when humans would look up at the stars at night and make up stories of pictures they would see. What they didn't know is that the stars were watching down on the humans, making little pictures of their own. They would see little people walk along the street and smile as brothers and sisters formed pictures on the Earth's surface.

But as time passed and the humans and the stars entered the 21st Century, people became more sophisticated. Humans calculated that the stars were large balls of gas and the stars began to believe that the humans were nothing but "Aquaforms", or nothing but water in a somewhat solid form.

That was when the Discovery launched then exploded. A piece of that shuttle began to float into space until it hit one of the stars. Her brothers and sisters watched in horror as she tumbled to the Earth. "Theresa!" They all screamed her name as she fell.

That was when David saw the falling star. He ran as fast as his little legs would allow towards the area of southern L.A. where forest dominated most of southern California. Birds flew into the sky as a bright light exploded into the night air. "Jeez!" he jolted as he felt the vibrations travel through the earth.

It took him a little while but he finally came across a large hole in the earth, with nothing but a young lady lying in the pit surrounded by black dust. She had wavy shoulder-length hair. She wore a beautiful ivory lined with blue silk that draped off her shoulders. The dress looked ancient. "Hey, miss?" he called.

No answer.


Still no answer. He sighed and tried to walk down the side of the crater but slipped and slid down on his chest to the bottom of the hole. He bumped into the lady who jolted awake. When David looked at her he coughed and helped her up so she could stand on her own feet. She had beautiful greenish blue eyes. "Hello Miss. Are you alright?" She nodded.

"Who are you?" the lady asked.


"I'm Theresa," she said with a nod. "What happened?"

"I have no clue. I was on my way to the Annual Celebration of the Acuteness of Exponential Equations." Theresa's face twisted into a mask of confusion. She couldn't figure out what Exponents were. "Are you sure you are alright?" They both tried to climb out of the hole. Both of them slipped a few times but they managed to climb out of the crater. "So you are a star?"

"Not a ball of gas. A star alright?" She began to get a bit touchy on that subject. David decided to drop the question.

"What are exponents?" she asked. "We have school in space, but it isn't like yours. We learn about the different planets and the different animals and kinds of beings on the planets." David nodded, taking this in. "Can you tell me what exponents are?"

"Yeah!" David rambled off on when you multiply these little numbers called exponents you add and when you divide you subtract among many other really awkward rules. "Also, if you are adding them together, the exponents stay the same yet the coefficients change. But…" he continued to ramble on. Theresa lost him there but smiled when he asked about stars.

"We may be celestial beings but, that doesn't mean we are any different than you, although, we don't have a bible or anything along those lines because we don't believe in God. Just something you should know." David nodded just as the sun began to rise.

"Would you like to stay at all? I mean, I could show you more about the earth and its exponents." He seemed eager so Theresa was more than willing to help him. She smiled and took his hand.

"What is your full name?" she asked.

"David Doherty."

This was my English Project I did with a friend of mine. The rules were:

1) It had to be about Exponents.

2) It had to have the root words we were working on in it.

In case you didn't notice, I got kinda desperate when I was writing this...hehe...The names are my English teacher (Theresa) and my Algebra teacher (David)...they loved it and I got an A on it...