Ooh, my first story on this site. I've been writing this story for about two years now and I like to think that my skills have improved in that time, so please dont hurth the early chapters too much.

Prologue: What's Your Childhood Trauma?

Catherine Wolfe made her way down the stairs, her long plait of golden hair swinging across her back. Her blue eyes were framed with faint lines and held a kind of haunting grief. A deep, deep sadness that would never end.

Her daughter, Serene, snuggled deeper into her arms, sleepy at this dark hour. Ten years. It had been ten years to the day that her eldest daughter, Claire had been murdered. Her beautiful, sweet angel, torn away and destroyed. It happened on her fifth birthday.

That day Catherine's heart had been ripped out of her chest. The grief, the bottomless endless grief would let nothing fill or heal the place where her heart once lay.

To finally heal the wound, she would have another little angel. She done everything exactly the same, she'd conceived and everything was going to be perfect once again.

Serene had come into the world a week and a half early. And form then on Catherine knew Serene was wrong. Where Claire was sweet and quiet with her golden curls and big blue eyes, Serene was curious and loud, her short, black spiky hair and ice grey eyes seemed to mock Claire's memory.

Now, after ten years, Catherine would finally have her angel back. Down the stairs and into a dark, drank basement. Books, scrolls and other more bizarre things decorated the shelves. In the middle of the room was a pool of crystal clear water. Surrounding that pool was a pentagram of black candles. Catherine undressed herself and Serene and placed her into the pool. Standing up Catherine went around and lit all the candles. Finished, she returned to the pool. Kneeling in front of it she started to chant in a dark, evil, raspy voice. She drew a blade over the palms of her hands and done the same to Serene, who uttered no sound. Slowly, still chanting, Catherine pushed Serene under the water as it slowly blackened and its consistency changed to that of custard.

Serene started to struggle but her mother would no let her up. She opened her mouth to scream and something evil entered her body. Catherine felt Serene's body shudder. In a mad hope she lifted her daughter only to be thrown across the room and into a bookshelf. She looked up half blind to see the body of five year old Serene stand up, 'Claire?' she whispered, unbelieving.

'Foolish woman!' the demon snarled, drawing out its words, 'You silenced your first born and you silenced this one. How did you expect me to make the exchange! Humph, I have better things to do then this. Oh by the way, I hope like the improvements to Serene, she could've grown up to be so ordinary' the demon laughed then left Serene's body. She fell to the ground sobbing. Catherine didn't move, just sat where shed been thrown and wept and wept.

Serene managed to sit up. 'Mummy, Mummy, why did you let the monster in me?' She whimpered

Catherine continued to weep. Serene stood and scrambled out of the basement, she didn't spare a glance for her mother; somehow Serene knew she wept for Claire and not her.