The days have changed so much

Since I used to walk the nights.

I had so much love for the flavor of the wind

And the scent of moonlight.

Tasting the breeze tonight is far too

Nostalgic. Above me, the touch of starlight,

Diminished in comparison to before,

By the glistening parking lot lights.

There was something so spiritual

About sitting on the cool, spring grass.

A magnificent cushion of dandelion buds

And the swaying uncut blades caress.

Everything is moved by the rhythm

Of delicate, loving, angel sighs.

This beauty was masked now, by my own disregard.

I had forgotten those nights

When I pondered for an exact word

For night in the springtime.

Understand, that this is not all that I have forgotten.

In my selfish aspiration I told you "I am yours".

Forgetting all about the angel sighs,

Driving the sweet morning dew into my eyes.

Forgetting all about the alluring scent of moonlight

And all about the ginger embrace of starlight.

Forgetting all about my other lover, who kindly

Took me back to the night,

And back to a world that I belonged to.

A/N this is a poem that I wrote while outside throwing trash in the dumpster at work. Granted, my boss wasn't so pleased that I took so long, but I felt that the idea was too good to just let go. I wish I had portrayed my idea a little more satisfactory, but regardless, I enjoyed writing it.