photo shoot

that's how she felt
for the very first time;
faded blue jeans and
a random pink tee-
but oh-
she felt gorgeous


. . . . . . click.

. . . . . . . . . . . . click!

he moved with a swiftness
he never seemed to lack,
camera angling here and there
"is that the best smile you have?"
he would taunt when she grew sore
of plastering a smile upon her face,
and she would laugh anew,
the genuine emotion captured and frozen
with a single talented click.

"this is going to be great!"
he would say, to reassure her
or to give his opinion,
she would never know.
but oh-
they were having fun
and when they returned inside,
he shared with her his talent-
discussing what to keep and what to burn.

"this is your heroine shot,"
he said
and they both laughed in merriment,
studying the picture upon the screen.
hair in face and blurred creepy man-
the seemingly inside jokes were endless.

and finally, for the very first time, she realized
she was actually pretty decent looking.