A/N- I wrote this back in eighth grade, back before I became depressed... That's why it's so happy, so much different from my usual.

Today I went to sit in my class

Awaiting my teacher's arrival

I waited so, but she did not come

So my brain went into a rival

Where was my teacher? I thought to myself

Did eighth grade already pass?

I noticed something, so then I thought

Where was the rest of the class?

I waited there for hours a plenty

My head drooped on my fist

But where was she? A thought then hit me

Did my math teacher really exist?

So then I laughed; she had to exist

To think it was really dumb

I waited some more, four hours exactly

My my math teacher did not come

I didn't understand it at all

I went to check my list

But the name was gone, and so alas

My math teacher did not exist

Inspired by a typo on my schedule back in eighth grade