Chapter 1

Horrified shrieks and panic-stricken raving rang through the town as the massive wolves attacked. Six of them, their leader in jet black fur, all the others were grey, except for one golden blonde wolf. Blood is all they lusted for, blood and revenge, their veins pounding from the terror and fun of the hunt that was so deeply engraved into them.

"Kill them all!! Show no mercy!" The black wolf, Sevon, barked out. The five other's of the pack howled to him, showing their understanding before committing the slaughter they'd come for. Sevon stood atop the tallest house in the town, watching his beloved creations, his family, spreading the panic and chaos they did so well. "So wonderful." He whispered, feeling the swell of pride and caring for them all.

"Sir." Kaine, the second in command with the golden fur, said approaching the house where Sevon stood.

"What is it?" Sevon asked, tearing his eyes away from the scene before him to look down to Kaine.

"Guards, coming from the north. One of the villagers got out and ran for help."

"DAMMIT!" Sevon roared, making the house beneath him tremble. He howled, calling his pack to him, and they came without hesitation. "Scatter, become civilians!" Sevon ordered, shifting into his human state as he spoke and grabbed clothes out of a bag another wolf, Razor, was carrying before he ran off yelling wolf. The rest followed his example and scattered, pulling on clothes as they went.

It was no surprise when an army didn't come to the town's aid, the thought was almost laughable, they were all too weak minded and cowardly to face such a challenge. Instead only two men were seen on horseback, entering the town. The first man could pass as normal among any number of humans. He had long, willowy limbs with a slight build, his hair a shaggy sand blond and his eyes brown, though they seemed to almost be glinted red in the sunlight. His name was Sky and while he was not an overly muscular or powerful man, he was clever and skilled.

The second man was not as easily over looked. He could be considered Sky's opposite for he was muscle bound and toweringly tall. His hair was rich sapphire blue, shaggy and untamed about his strong-featured face, just as wild as the mischievous, dangerous glint in his deep-set silver blue eyes.

"I don't suppose you have any effective way of weeding out the wolves, Shonen? It seems to me that they've taken to hiding in the people." Sky asked his partner in a soft casual tone as they continued deeper into the town, their eyes held sharp to their surroundings for any wolves in disguise.

"Well, we could always stab around with a silver sword until one of them has an allergic reaction? Werewolves are allergic to silver aren't they?" Shonen answered, sounding almost bored at this slow game of hide-and-seek. Sky only sighed and rolled his eyes.

"Now, you know that can't be done." He pointed out, trying to keep his patience and ended up sounding like he was explaining something to a very slow child.

"Yeah, you're right, that would take too much time." Shonen agreed with a nodded, though by Sky's expression it was easy to see that that wasn't what he'd meant. "Well, they like human blood right? So we could just stab someone and see if anyone's interested by the smell?" Shonen went on to suggest and Sky just sighed heavier, trying to mentally figure out how he hell he got partnered with such a violent tactic-ed man.

They looked up just in time to see Sevon running toward them from around a corner, looking ruffled and gripping his arm as blood slipped out from between his fingers. He was tall, around six foot, he was well built and his shoulder length black hair flew wildly in the wind, but his shadow blue eyes never left Sky's face. He fell to his feet before them, his muscles in his arm rippling slightly as he gripped the wound in his arm he'd put there only moments earlier.

"Please!" He gasped, but his voice was deep and held an astounding power to soothe. "Please, they're on the run! We don't want them to come back! Our-..our families!" He forced panting, though he was far from out of breath. He rolled his eyes back before passing out forward onto the ground. A small smile flashing for a mere split second before fading as he knew his act was going to fool them.

Sky looked down at him for a moment but Shonen was the first to jump down from his horse and moved over to look at Sevon with a bored sigh before kicking Sevon in the side as if accusing him that it was still so quiet. Sky rolled his eyes as his partner before hopping off his own horse and kneeling down next to Sevon to look him over. After briefly checking the man's pulse, breathing, wound, and the temperature of his skin he gently thumbed his eye open, looking down into the forcibly still blue eye.

"Liar." Sky breathed down to him, his face calm and certain of his accusation. Sure, the man's voice had played the part, but his heart was not racing, his eyes were not dilated, and he was anything but cold and clammy with fear; even the wound wasn't right.

Sevon snarled and shoved him back, getting up quickly to his own defense. "So I can't pass out on command." He spat at Sky, and even as they spoke the wound in his arm healed. He turned his attention to the night sky and let out a loud, carrying howl, his form changing quickly, ripping his clothes to shreds, until the large black werewolf stood before the two men. "So you found me. What do you plan to do now?" He said, a grin flashing the corner of his mouth before he leapt up and back about twenty feet, landing atop a house roof, looking down at them as his pack made their way to him now through the streets.

Sky glared at him and with simply flicks of his wrists thin wire-like threads leapt from his hands and along his fingers, the threads so thin they could only be seen by the glint they let off from the light. Shonen was laughing as he charges up, blue sparks crawling and leaping off his skin. By then though, the pack had reached them and Razer made a head long charge at Shonen, bowling him over and easily pinning him to the ground with a paw. Kaine came around another corner and at a glance from Sevon charges Sky, leaping seemingly past him, but a single tooth caught Sky's shoulder. Once the wound was planted Kaine hit the ground hard and sprinted off with the rest of the pack; Sevon was allowing himself to be caught to allow them their escape and to have his fun with Sky and Shonen.

Sky gasped softly, only vaguely noticing the pain in his arm as he forced all his concentration into springing the threads on Sevon. They wrapped tightly around his muzzle and legs, binding him painfully tight. Behind him Shonen roared and with a strong flex of his muscle he expended an massive charge up into Razer, trying to force him off, but Razer only chuckled at him.

"Thanks." Razer growled into Shonen's ear, to human ears his voice was nothing but a deep growl with an undertone of human language. "Brings back memories." He finished before leaping off Shonen and sprinting after the rest of his pack.

"Kill me and you'll never find them!" Sevon roared through forcing his jaw open despite the threads.

Sky laughed, releasing more threads to bind the wolf's jaws closed. "Kill you? That's funny. You're bait." He said and with a painful yank he pulled Sevon off the roof and onto the ground with a heavy thud. Shonen got to his feet now, rubbing his neck and looking annoyed and amused at the same time, a mixer of expressions he seemed rather skilled at portraying at the same time.

Sevon writhed for only a moment before flexing his muscles; snapping several of the threads that bound him. He grinned and forced his jaw open, snapping the threads around his muzzle before taking a snap at Shonen who stepped back out of reach.

"Bait huh? I could say the same." Sevon growled, grinning and his eyes flashed to Sky just as Sky released more threads to make up for the ones lost, trying to rebind him. Though, unknown to Sky, the new scratch on his shoulder left by Kaine had also left the werewolf code to pulse through his system and even as the seconds passed it spread farther and farther into his body. It didn't matter what Sky was, human or not, it would take him over on the next full moon, and the only way to reverse it was to kill the one that had administered the bite. All Sevon had to do now was wait to the coming full moon, which was in two days.

"Need a little shock to tranquilize the over grown mutt?" Shonen asked with a grin at the wolf, his hands bursting to light with brilliant blue sparks.

"If you think it'll help." Sky said simply, too engrossed in twisting threads together to strengthen the binding on Sevon, to look up at Shonen at all. Shonen moved forward the next moment and touched the threads, the powerful shock racing down the threads to Sevon.

Sevon winced a little, though he only felt a small portion of the full shock. By now he decided he didn't like this and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath to pull out a second transformation, a deeper form that resided in him. He snarled as he brought out the fiery, the beast within him. His eyes snapped open and glowed red, his muscles expanded to a proportion that broke all of the threads that bound him. His claws extended more, sharpening to the point of blades as he brought himself up to his full height over the men, looking nothing short of dangerous. "None of that." He snarled, his voice even deeper and more dooming in this form. "Try saying please next time."

Shonen roared with laughter. "Finally! The fun has arrived! I was wondering how long you were going to play nice!" He then leapt forward, shoving Sky to the side as the sparks from his hands grew until his arms were dancing with tick blue bolts. "Come on big boy! Show me your worst!" He bellowed with a giant grin. "That is, if you can touch me first!" He flexed his muscles then and the sparks shot out from his body, forming a sort of crackling electric bubble around Shonen, a sort of electric shield.

"Don't need to." Sevon said with a grin. Unknown to these two, he was a shaman, and very skilled with the art of magic. He lifted his clawed, paw-like hands up over his head, one over the other and started to chant in a deep foreign tongue. It wasn't long before he shared Shonen's powers. His black fur jumped with sparks as he too sent the charges around himself in the exact same electric bubbly Shonen had just displayed. He then preformed a second chant ontop of the first and flames leapt off his body. "Let's play." He snarled.

Shonen laughed louder then before, his maniac voice echoing off the walls of the homes around them. "Now that's what I'm talking about! About time I had a real fight!" He grinned, looking over at Sky as if he thought this was impressive, but Sky just rolled his eyes.

"Go, have your fun, just don't kill any of the innocents in the process." Sky said with a scowl at him, though Shonen just snorted.

"Like I was going to wait for your permission." He said; turning his attention back to Sevon, still grinning as sparks danced all around him and his eyes bled to a complete brilliant blue.

"Innocents? Well then, better make this fun for myself too." Sevon started to chant again, soon hypnotizing the people of the town. Soon all of them came, moving forward around Sevon; wielding only their bare fists. "Fight me, and don't kill them, you have your orders." Sevon said and then grabbed a man closest to him and dragged his razor sharp claw along his throat, slitting it. He grinned as the blood spilled out over and down his paw, dripping to the ground. "I wonder." Sevon said with a slight chuckle, his voice vibrating at an almost transfixing deep tone, "How many will die?"

Shonen shrugged and charged forward without a second though, but Sky growled in anger and shouted after him, "No! Shonen!" They weren't supposed to kill the innocents. Shonen, however, didn't give a flying rat's ass about the innocents in the town, he was only looking for a good fight. The people roared and rushed Shonen, loosing Sevon in the masses, allowing him to break away unseen and move around the back to get closer to Sky.

"You should hold a tighter leash on your pet," He yelled to Sky who looked up to him, a look of fiery in his eyes. Sevon leapt again and landed on the back of the horse nearest Sky, leaning down enough to lick Sky's face. "I'll see you soon, Brother." He said and with that he took off after Shonen, leaving Sky stunned and bewildered.

"I'm no one's pet!" Shonen roared just as the people started to pile up around him, trying to get to him to attack. Sky had only a split second to jump up off the ground, grabbing onto a roof's edge in time to hoist him up just as Shonen released a massive surge of energy. Every human within a ten foot radius seized up and fell over dead from the shock, even the horses whinnied and flailed before falling over, whether they were dead or only shocked was something only time could tell.

Sevon looked up to the night sky that was curtained above them and grinned at the moon above them. "Sky, look up. See the moon?" He asked, grinning more ask Sky looked up confused at the large glowing orb. "Make Shonen stop. You know you want to save me." Sevon knew that it was too soon to expect his request to be obeyed, but he knew that it would cause Sky great confusion when he was filled with the urge to help.

Sevon lunged at Shonen now, pinning to the ground as he licked his face and then whispered maliciously to the man below him. "You are a pet. I can smell it all over you." He grinned and leapt off him, running to the woods just in sight from the town. "You're a pet to Him. You always will be!" He yelled at them over his shoulder and then was gone, with no trace to follow, but in the end Sky and Shonen had lost, and Sevon had won. The town was destroyed, and the people in it, dead.

Sky groaned and sat down on the roof, rubbing his face wit ha mixture of irritation, confusion, and frustration. Shonen grumbled darkly and rubbed his cheek clean of the lasting 'licked' sensation.

"Well that was seriously anti-climactic." Shonen growled, getting up again and dusting off a bit and Sky felt himself snap now.

"You're a real idiot aren't you? I told you not to kill those people! We don't get paid now!"

Shonen glared at him. "I'm not your pet! You can't order me around!" He snapped back, crossing his arms and sparking a bit.

"What ever, you don't get paid just as much as I don't for your stupidity." Sky snapped and leapt down from the roof now. Shonen just grumbled and kicked one of the corpses near is foot.