Chapter 2

Sevon grinned, staring up at Sky's second floor window. Sky's home was one step below a small manor, surrounded by an open grass lawn with minimal gardening consisting of a few varieties of green bushes, and about twenty feet from his front door was the forest that lead into where Sevon's pack made home. The house itself was simple in its own elegant way. It was a two story house with cream white on the outside and intricate holding lining the roof. Large arched windows adorned the front of the home where the sitting and entrance room stood, conjoined behind the thick cherry oak front door on the first floor.

A day had pasted since Sevon and Sky met in the town, and Sevon was confident that the blood was working quickly through Sky's body, bringing him closer and closer to his coming transformation that would make him their new brother.

"Time to talk with the new member." Sevon mused with a smile before leaping up and through one of Sky's bedroom windows; shattering the glass upon entrance. Sky had been lying on the bed to sleep fro the night, and looked like he was about to yell out when Sevon spoke in a soothingly commanding voice. "Shh, don't call for help."

Sky didn't know why, but the urge to yell for Shonen was gone instantly, but he didn't pause to ponder it. He grabbed under his pillow for the dagger he always kept there before jumping up out of bed on the opposite side from Sevon, and though he glared at Sevon fiercely he did not attack and he indeed felt pointlessly vulnerable with his lack of shirt. "What the hell are you doing here!?" He demanded, though his voice was hushed, though Sky couldn't imagine why.

"It's ok, you can put the dagger away." Sevon cooed gently, his paws held slightly aloft to show he meant no harm. "I don't hurt family."

Sky snarled. "I'm not your family, beast!" He snapped and his grip tightened on the dagger. He didn't care how much he suddenly felt like relinquishing his weapon, he wasn't going to obey, he wasn't going to fall for that trick, the dagger was the only thing he had to defend himself. Despite how much he wanted them, the threads refused to come to his command.

"Then why do you look like you would rather hug me than stab me?" Sevon asked, smiling gently across the room to Sky. He knew his words were carving a deeper and deeper set confusion in Sky, he found amusement in it, but he also longed for the day Sky would accept them and take his place in the pack.

"I think Shonen's charge knocked more sense out of you then you thought!" Sky protested, trembling all over now as he fought urges he refused to claim as his own. He didn't understand why he was just standing there like a fool, all tense muscles and confusion, instead of attacking. Never before had he been unable to attack a wolf when he wanted to, but still the threads would not leap to life at his command and he found himself rooted to the spot instead of charging forward to strike.

Sevon smiled gently at him and moved carefully around the bed toward Sky. "You don't have to be afraid." He whispered in a deep, gorgeous voice that seemed to rumble Sky's ribs. He got about a foot from Sky before Sky was able to think of a reaction.

"Stay the fuck away from me!" He snapped, holding the dagger up a bit more. He knew he was trembling from how tight every muscle in his body was being held, but in all the confusion and now panic that surrounded him everything seemed slow and still.

"That's not anger I smell, that's fear. What are you afraid of?" Sevon said softly, looking straight into Sky's eyes as he lifted his paw carefully, inches from Sky's face. The seconds that pasted seem to stretch out into oblivion before Sevon's warm pawn brushed over Sky's cheek, nothing but love and tenderness present in the touch. "I won't hurt you. I don't hurt family." He said again in a soothing, deep voice.

Sky flinched a little, feeling the tender heat on his cheek, the soft black wisps of fur and the air of the claw's brushing the skin of his face. He trembled for only a moment before the reality of it hit him, a werewolf was touching him and he was letting him. He smacked the paw forcefully away and took several step backs until his back met hard with the wall. "Ge-Get the hell out!" He demanded, his voice coming out breathless and he felt his heart hammering on his rib cage like a trapped bird longing for an open door.

Sevon looked puzzled for a moment, watching Sky, his sense's flooded with the smell of Sky's fear and confusion. He looked down briefly at his large paw before the thought came to him. He looked up smiling gently as he shifted into his human form, wearing nothing but a tan loin cloth covering him. He smiled more, his eyes as warm at his touch, this was the first smile Sky had seen of Sevon's human form and he felt his heart give an odd, dizzying leap up into his throat.

Sevon opened his arms, beckoning Sky to him, to return the gesture. "You know you don't want me to really leave. Now, come here, its ok."

Sky just shook his head roughly, closing his eyes tight and pressing harder against the wall. "No! Get the hell out!" He snapped, his free hand trembling as he raised it to cover his eyes. His head was pounding and his heart hammering as he fought every fibber in his being that wanted to obey, wanted to move forward into Sevon's arms. He denied, argued, and refused the part of him that was so dead set and insistent on telling him that once he was in Sevon's arms everything would make sense, that everything would be alright. He was a werewolf, and as far as Sky was concerned, nothing was right in the arms of a werewolf.

Sevon watched him for a moment, seeing the tremendous struggle Sky was having with himself and his heart sank a little. This was too much, it was time to leave him be to gather his thoughts, the last thing he wanted to do was to push Sky too far. "I will go, but I ask of one thing first." He said gently, taking a step back to give Sky a bit more air.

Sky frowned hard, moving his hand just enough to look at him in confusion. "What?" He asked, forcing a snapped tone into his voice, because it wanted to be gentle, pleasantly curious.

"Smile for me?" Sevon asked with a small smile, taking carefully steps back toward the window, his eyes never leaving Sky's face. It was a small request, he could have denied it, but before the request even finished leaving his mouth Sky felt the corners of his mouth tug his expression into a smile, brightening his entire face and making him look years younger.

It happened before Sky even knew he was doing it and when it finally hit him that he'd obeyed, color drained from his face and he clapped his hand to his mouth to try and hide it. "Get out!" He snapped and in one sudden movement, all the tension in his muscles was released and he chucked the dagger at Sevon's head. Though all his denial, confusion, and fear wanted the weapon stuck in Sevon, the rest of him forced his aim off so that the dagger missed Sevon completely and stuck in the wall just behind him.

Sevon smiled back, glancing only briefly at the dagger in the wall that had missed him by several inches before his gaze returned to Sky. "You have a very cute smile." He said gently, their eyes meeting now as Sevon took a few moments to just stare into the depths of Sky's eyes. "You should really smile more often." He finished and stepped back again, finding the window's edge and fell back, out of it and down to the grounds below were he landed easily, straightening up in his wolf form once more. He gazed up at Sky's window for several minutes more, hoping that Sky would be drawn to it to see him.

Sky growled, gripping his hair in both hands as he mastered the urge to run to the window and instead forced his feet to carry him to the bathroom that was joined with his room, closing and locking the door. His breath was heavy and he was still trembling as he splashed cold water on his face. This was ridiculous! Why was this wolf able to confuse him so much and get him to do things he didn't want to do?

He stared up at his pale reflection in the large wall mirror behind his bathroom sink. His hair was a mess and he looked like a ghost, but he was still smiling, much to his irritation. He spent a moment trying to force his lips to go back down again, but he couldn't help it, it seemed he was stuck smiling for a little while at least.

It was about then that he noticed the scratch on his left shoulder. His eyes widened a bit as he pulled his arm forward enough to get a better look at the cut. It took him a few moments to think where it came from, and then he remembered the golden blonde wolf charging him while he was focusing on getting Sevon bound up…he'd been bitten.

"Shit!!" he cussed a lot, his breath leaving him as the realization hit him and he staggered back into the wall before sinking down to the floor with his face in his hands. That explained everything! Why he was so compelled to obey Sevon. It wasn't because he was loosing it, it was because he was turning into one of them! Sevon was the leader so naturally he'd obey. "Fuck!" He cussed again and slammed his fist back into the wall in frustration. There was a tentative knock on the door about then which made Sky jump a little and look to the door with such a fierce look it might have started on fire. "Who is it?"

"S-Sir? There's been an attack on the village to the east…You're needed." It was Sen, Sky's adviser, the one that kept the house in order and kept track of the jobs the anything else going on in the house. "Are-…" He hesitated for a moment as if wondering if it was safe to ask. "Are you alright? Sky?"

Sky growled another cuss to himself and sighed. "Yes." He lied quickly, the last thing he needed anyone else to know was that he was going to be a monster come the next night. "Go get Shonen, and bring ice water. He's about as dense as a rock, and about as easy to wake as one." He took a moment to gather himself while he heard Sen agree and leave the room.

Once he felt he had himself mastered and the room beyond was clear he got up to unlock the door and go get dressed. He was mistaken though, the room was not clear. Instead Kaine stood in the shadowed corner of Sky's room and Sky recognized him instantly as the golden wolf that bit him. He glared at him, fierce rage hitting him, but was snuffed out a moment later by something he wouldn't admit.

"Sky, isn't it?" Kaine asked as he stepped forward, shifting from his wolf form to his human form and now that they were in the light Sky was hit with his full appearance. He was about Sky's height but he had more muscle to him then Sky. His hair was shaggy and about the same blonde as his wolf fur, but it gave him a rough look. His green eyes caught the light and seemed to light up vibrantly which seemed to only exaggerate the long scar that crossed his left eye and down his cheek, something like an old sword wound.

Sky only allowed himself a moment to soak in Kaine's appearance before he cussed loudly again and turned to storm back into the bathroom, convinced on some level that if he went in and came back out all of this would undo itself and non of it would be true. He paused though as Kaine spoke again.

"Sky, wait! Sevon…Sevon requests that you show up as soon as possible. No one will be hurt," He added quickly at the look he got from Sky. "He promised that for you. But…he wants you to divert from Shonen and meet him in the wooded area to the west." Kaine smiled and saw Sky's face plant itself with a smile again as well. "Sev was right. You do have a cute smile." And before Sky could answer, argue, or protest Kaine was gone, stepped back into the shadow and vanished.

"Fucking, bloody hell!" he snapped, kneading his knuckles into his forehead. He groaned and grabbed some clean clothes to pull them on. He couldn't believe he was going, but he couldn't find it in himself to not go and the entire time he was dressing he muttered over and over to himself, "I've lost it, I've gone fucking nuts, it's official. What the hell's wrong with me? Why the hell are they fucking up my life?" After he was dressed he sighed heavily and fell back onto his bed, his arm over his eyes. "Don't they even realize I kill their kind??"

Despite his continued protests to the idea, about an hour later Sky was walking into the west woods, his hands shoved in his pocket and a warm cloak around his shoulders; still grumbling darkly. He wasn't sure how he'd done it, but he'd escaped suspicion from Shonen and managed to slip away.

"Aww, come on Sky, smile." Sevon said with a smile as he stepped out of the shadows of the trees in his human form, he was so glad Sky actually calm. They were the only ones there, Sevon had made sure of that; he wanted another one on one session with the new member. "It makes you look so much cuter."

Sky had quite enough of this and all the tension and frustration over the past few hours burst from him. "What the hell do you want from me??!!!" He bellowed, his voice echoing off the trees around them. "I kill things like you! I get paid to kill things like you!" He snapped and forced his hair back out of his face with a sweep of his hand before shoving his hand back into his pocket, balled up into a tight fist.

"I know that. Trust me Sky, I know that. But still, you can't tell me that you're not drawn to use. If you weren't you wouldn't have come, would you?" He said gently, watching him with an intensely gentle gave that seemed to only frustrate Sky more.

"That's your fault!" He snapped, his eyes narrowed in a glare. "One of your beasts bit me!" He snarled.

"I wasn't just talking about that." He said and Sky stopped, looking startled by the sudden change of tone. He wasn't sure what it was, but he could have sworn Sevon's voice had quavered just a little in that instant and had gotten even softly.

"Wh-what then?" He asked, watching the man in shock, looking him up and down in confusion.

"Remember…remember back before you partnered with Shonen? There was a wolf you showed mercy on? The one you let live? I know you remember it, you couldn't kill him…there was something different about him…" He carefully stepped a bit closer to Sky, his voice getting a little quieter still as he looked down to Sky. "Something about me. You let me live because I showed compassion, I showed I could feel." He walked closer still, something of a sway entering his step as he got closer to Sky.

He groaned, remembering it all in one instant. It was in his younger years, when he first started his official job of 'wolf hunter'. He had been out on his seventh job with the man that was training him and they'd encountered a pack attacking a village. He and his teacher had slip up and Sky had come across the black wolf while on his own. Sevon was much younger then too, but now that he was thinking about it he recognized Sevon as that wolf that had been trying to get the kids out of the town, away from danger.

He smacked his forehead a bit and turned to walk away, rubbing his face in irritation. Of course, this is what he gets for helping one of them. If only he hadn't told Sevon to hurry up and leave, he might still be human in two days.

Sevon watched with a deep frown, wondering now if he'd been wrong to put Sky through this, it looked to be that it was something Sky never wanted and may never accept. He might have done more damage then good. In an instant Sevon was in front of Sky again, holding his wrist to keep it away from hitting his forehead and he put a finger to Sky's lips to hush him when he saw he was going to protest.

"Shhh, I can't thank you enough, Sky. You reminded me that day that I was still human too, that I wasn't just a monster." His voice quavered a little as he looked down at Sky and then in an instant he wrapped his arms around Sky and pulled him into a tight, warm hug; his eyes streaming with tears

Sky was so stunned he couldn't move at first. He remained still as Sevon hugged him, not sure what to do or say while he felt Sevon's tears meet his shoulder and neck. He wanted to be mad, he wanted to tell him to get over it, he was a monster, but he knew that it wasn't true and he couldn't find it in himself to push him away.

After a few minutes Sevon lifted his head a bit and wiped his face clear with a thumb. He chuckled softly and smiled at him. "We're both crying." he said gently, moving his hand to Sky's face to gently thumb away the tears. "Don't cry for me, I don't deserve it." He said gently and looked startled when Sky pushed away and touched at his face to feel the tears. Sky didn't understand, he didn't know why he'd started to cry, or when.

Sky was shaking his head as he took steps back away from Sevon, his hands trembling. "No...this is too much." he said softly, his voice cracking before he spun to start walking away again at a quick pace.

"Sky, please...!" Sevon called after him, his voice trembling a little.

"I'm not one of you! I'm not supposed to be one of you! I can't be…!" He continued to walk, shaking his head and rubbing his eyes, trembling all over. "I…I can't be…" He repeated. His head was pounding and he felt on the verge of being faint. This was all just to much, he couldn't make sense of anything, he couldn't even see straight anymore, or perhaps that was the build up of tears along the rim of his eyes…

Sevon was there as Sky's side in an instant, sweeping him off his feet into his arms. "Sky please…at least let me take you home, I don't want you to hurt yourself."

"I'm not going to hurt myself." He grumbled, rubbing his eyes, trying to get free, but Sevon's strong arms held him there.

"Please? I just want to make sure." He said gently, looking down at Sky. Sky just sighed heavily and leaned his head back. He was far too exhausted, far to confused and far too stressed from the day to be able to summon the strength to fight the gesture. He took deep breaths as Sevon started to walk them back to Sky's house.

It wasn't long before Sky's eyes opened and he caught sight of the swollen moon above them through the trees. Night was falling again and he wasn't sure where all the time had gone to and his heart seemed to still to a stop as he recognized that he'd be a monster this time the next night. As he looked at the moon though his mind seemed to clear and he was filled with a serene bliss and he would like nothing more then to sit and stare at the orb for the rest of his life; just let the rest of the world pass by.

Sevon looked down to Sky when he felt him go still and quiet in his arms. He studied his face for a moment before looking up to see what he was looking at and smiled a little when he saw the moon in Sky's line of view.

"The moon." Sevon spoke softly and smiled down at Sky again. "Beautiful isn't it? Centuries of our kind have worshipped the moon." He paused only a moment to see if Sky would protest to the phrase 'our kind' but when he didn't make any move to Sevon continued. "We're not inherently violent creatures, we're a tribe, but over time our lands have been taken and we've been forced to fight for the land that is left." He smiled down at Sky as his eyes finally flickered away from the moon to look at Sevon, but almost instantly flickered back to the moon. "Much like you, we've wondered theses lands wondering why we're here. We're not that different, you and I." Sevon smiled seeing Sky's eyes flicker to him again with a ghost of interest in his eyes. "We're here to protect the land. We only kill those who hurt it."

"So…that constitutes killing an entire village?" He said, his eyes lingering for only a moment longer on the moon before his eyes snapped to Sevon again with a scowl.

Sevon looked a hurt by the words, but he mastered himself in the next breath. "I will not stand here and tell you what I have done is right, you can think what you want. I'm just telling you about our kind…your kind. Whether you want to believe it or not, I only kill those that have done wrong. The town last night had been burning and destroying our forest, our home. What would you have done, except strike back?" Sevon's strike quickened as Sky's home came into view.

"And the children?" He snapped, shooting a hard glare at him. "They had nothing to do with it!" He found his strength again and began to squirm, trying to free himself from Sevon's arms.

"Shh, don't move." Sevon said gently, holding Sky still as he took a few moments' running leap up to Sky's window and into his room. He moved across the room to set Sky down on his bed and pulled his shirt off, having noticed that Sky slept without a shirt from the last time he visited the room. "I never hurt the children, you can thank your friend for that. I only commanded the men and women of the village." He said speaking gently and brushing his hand through Sky's hair as Sky laid back looking thoughtful once again.

Sky shivered a little at Sevon's touch an rolled to his side, curling up a bit and as he stared at the wall opposite Sevon and started to scratch at his shoulder. He winced a little as his nails caught the semi healed scratch on his shoulder and scratched off part of the scab, making it bleed slightly.

Sevon sighed softly and leaned down to kiss the cut gently. "Don't let it hurt you, it will heal." He said gently, touching Sky's hand to move it away from the cut.

"Healing wounds itch." Sky stated with a sigh, taking his hand away to brush his hair back out of his face. "Don't you have to get back to your pack or something?" He said after a few moments awkward silence.

Sevon looked down at him for a moment, studying the profile of his face which was still turned away from him. "Do you really want me to leave?" He asked, his voice gently, but here was a hint of sadness in his tone.

"I don't know anything right now…" He said softly, turning enough to look at Sevon now, he wanted nothing more then to be furious with him, to hate him and hurt him, but every time he looked at him, he found all those urges left in him a rush. It confused him more then he knows how to express. "Three days ago I was I'm not…" He wanted to say he didn't know what he was anymore, but he didn't want to prompt another comment like 'you're one of us' or 'you're family', he wasn't sure he could stand hearing it again.

Sky instantly regretted saying anything as he saw the hurt in Sevon's face, the tears lining his eyes. "Humans feel." Sevon stated, his voice shaking slightly through forced control. "If you still feel emotions, then you're still human." Sevon paused, taking a moment to gather his breath again. "You showed me that…"

"Emotions simply mean that you're not a mindless, heartless monster. It doesn't make you human, human's don't change shape." Sky said stubbornly, turning away. He didn't want to care, he wanted to be mad, he wanted everything to be normal again, he wanted this to be all a bad dream that he could wake up from.

Sevon had tears running down his face now, but he cried silently. "Being human is having a heart. If you don't have a heart, you weren't human a long time ago." He got up quickly from the bed, his back to Sky as he walked to the window, but as he approached it he slowed. Once he reached the window he put his hand on the sill to steady himself and he sank down to his knees, his emotions hitting him now as he cried, trembling there on the floor.

Sky couldn't help it, his guilt had caught up with him now. He rolled over and sat up, looking over at Sevon for a while with a quiet expression. "Why do you want to be human anyway? Clearly they're too stupid to know not to abuse the land." He said, trying some sort of reason, anything to calm Sevon down, seeing the tears tore at his heart.

"Cause…" Sevon's voice cracked a little and he took a moment to steady it. "Because, humans have love." He sobbed out. Sevon stood now, turning to face Sky, his expression flooded with love and compassion for once in a long time. "Why can't I be loved?" He spoke again, his eyes searching Sky's face, but his voice was soft, distant like he wasn't really talking to Sky, but to himself. He was taking steps back against the window now. "All I want is to be loved…not looked up to."

"You don't have to be human o love or be loved. Human's don't own the rights to love. Ever heard of Lover Birds? The birds get so attached to their mates that if one dies the other stops eating, stops singing out of depression and ends up dieing soon after." Sky said, frowning a little at him, sitting up more to watch him better. He had no clue where Sevon had gotten such an idea.

Sevon looked up to him again, sadness lacing his face again. "Who would love me?" He looked Sky over for another moment before leaning back out of the window, falling back and into the night.

Sky groaned, his stomach twisting uncomfortably as he fell back on the bed again and rolled over onto his side again, determined to try and sleep. It wasn't long though before he got so frustrated and uneasy that he kicked the sheets off and got up out of the bed. He dug around for his shirt, pulling it on again before heading down to the main floor of his home. He grabbed his warm cloak as he walked out into the night once more; closing the front door behind himself.

"Beautiful night, no?" Kaine said, appearing behind Sky and walking fast enough to catch up with him. "Oh, and sorry about biting you." He said, smelling the fresher blood leaking from the newly reopened scratch on Sky's shoulder.

Sky jumped a little and shot a look over at him. "You're lucky, I have half a mind to attack you, but I'm not sure I can even more enough to manage it." He grumbled. He was so tired, he ached all over and his head buzzed with every that's happened, trying to grasp what was his new reality.

"Naaah, you wouldn't do that." Kaine said, walking with him and watching the side of his face casually, he could smell the exhaustion on him and he was partially wondering how long it would take for Sky to just keel over. "Besides, I'm here to protect you. Though I don't see why, I just am. Sev's got this great fear that someone's going to hurt you. You're the only one he's freaked out about this much." Kaine ran his hand through his short blonde hair, his eyes gazing up at the moon. "It's almost like he cares more for you than us, ya know?"

"Well, do you care that much for him? Do you care for him as much as you think he cares for me?" He asked, the image of Sevon's face, looking at him with such compassion engraved in his eyes just made his stomach lurk with guilt and his mind twist with more confusion. He sighed softly, pulling his cloak tighter around himself as he felt a deep chill crawl up his spin.

"Family is family. I'd never turn on him, or you for that matter." Kaine smiled gently at him. He really was a much nicer person outside of battle. "Besides, Sev is Sev, I care for him, he's my creator, my master for lack of a better term, a parent. If he died…I don't know what I'd do. Same goes for you, lil bro. You're family now too."

Sky wanted to scream at him. He wasn't his family, he didn't know him at all, how could he be so convinced of his loyalty to him when he's only known him for two days, at most? He refrained though, he'd said one too many stupid things that night. He looked to Kaine now, studying him for a moment as Sevon's voice echoed in his head again 'All I want is to be loved…not looked up to.'

He sighed and looked up now. "That's not what I meant…" He said after a moment, deciding not to push the matter as he studied the moon over them.

Kaine raised an eyebrow at him. "Now I have to know. What did you mean?"

"I mean…love." He said, speaking slowly as he tried to understand what it was he did mean. "It's different to love a family member and to love…well, a good friend or a mate. While I might have loved my parents while I was growing up, it's an automatic love. It's different when you live through the development of love for someone outside of your family. It seems stronger somehow, it feels more like you have a choice in loving that person and its your lover that you had the choice to give…do you understand what I'm saying?" He asked finally with another sigh, he wasn't even sure what he was talking about, it felt more like he was just talking to clear his mind, to give him something to do.

"Oooooh…so you're asking me if I love Sec?" Kaine asked, his eyes bright as if he was just picking up on a new concept as he looked at Sky. He wasn't always the brightest wolf in the pack.

Sky sighed a bit, rubbing his face. "Well kind of…I guess…Put it this way, have you ever been so worried for him that you made sure there was a guard for him at all times, like he has you doing for me?"

Kaine's voice lowered, his expression becoming serious so quickly that it startled Sky. "You worried about Sevon?" He asked, looking Sky square in the face now; they'd stopped walking, just on the edge of the trees.

He sighed a bit again, rubbing his eyes. "We're getting off subject." He said, though the truth was he didn't want to admit to anything, he didn't know anything anymore.

"No, I'm serious. I'm always worried for Sevon. I'm usually close by him at all times. It's hard to think of losing him; I have Razer with him as we speak. Trust me what I say I'd take my own life before losing him." Kaine sighed, looking up again to the sky for a brief moment. "It's just…seeing him like this…He wants you to see what it's like on his side of life. He wants you to know of the fear of always being hunted. As human as we are, we are still not completely human. He wants to believe that we still are human just…different. That's why he's always fighting, he's trying to show the world that he can still be Sev, not just a werewolf."

"By doing so he's running himself into the ground." He said softly. "he's trying far too hard and it's going to make things worst for him." He groaned softly, he couldn't move anymore, he couldn't stand, he felt like he could barely breath, he was so tired. He sank down to sit on the ground, rubbing his face.

"Give him credit. He's trying to be excepted." Kaine placed a hand on Sky's shoulder. "Give him a chance to show you he's more then just a wolf. Hmm?"

"He's going to hurt himself." He mumbled, his eyes already half closed as he began to lay back on the ground.

"So you are worried about him." Kaine said, looking down at him with a soft sigh. "Maybe he is going to hurt himself, but he's vowed to learn to live in peace, or die trying. And now there's you…" Kaine stopped short and shook his head a little. "Nevermind…"

"Oh please, go ahead, not telling me will just bother me more." He grumbled, his arms over his eyes now.

"I'll put it this way: He'd take his own life before losing you." And with that Kaine took a step back, backing into the shadows. "I'll be here, call me if you need me. Name's Kaine." He said, deciding it was time to stop talking, it was not the time and Sky clearly needed his sleep more then he needed to keep talking.

Sky sighed heavily and rolled over. His entire body felt heavy and things seemed to be spinning even though he knew his head was rested securely on his arm. He wanted to sleep so bad, wanted to get away from his thoughts, the ache of his body and mind, but of course, the one night he was so tired he couldn't move was the night he wouldn't be able to get a wink of sleep.