Fighting With Music: Part 1

Putting on Lost Prophets

"Girl you just can't dance forever,"

Really? Watch me

"Are you that clever that you smile forever,"

Yeah I am

"You'll never fall in love if you don't risk it all,"

Good thing I don't want to fall in love

…so then what happened?

"You welcome me to a town called hypocrisy,"


Linkin Park

This works

No love here

"What I've done,"

…yep, somehow fallen in love

"All you've ever wanted was someone to truly love talk to you,"

Actually, No, I didn't

"On a Valentines day,"

Damn it! New CD

No…no…no…Yes! Fallout Boy could work

"Am I more then you bargained for,"

Uh, yeah, duh

"Love never wanted me, but I took it anyway,"

NO!!! I wanted the opposite!!!

"I'm just the boy who's had too many chances,"

Yep, one too many too many to be exact

I give up on CD's and switch to the radio

"I don't wanna be in love I don't wanna be in love,"

Ya got that right

"Love like winter,"


"Party like a rock star,"

Er…that's better at least…