Time for me to talk to you

No worries though I talked to Morgan too

Think I'm a bad person, look again

You're a hypocrite I always used to defend

Wake up man I'm tired of this act

Which is an act I know for a fact

Whine and bitch I don't care

Tell your story it's nice to share

Keep thinking that I meant to do this all

Keep thinking that it will be a downfall

Keep on telling anyone who can hear you

Keep thinking I'm a terrible person too

Because in the end I really don't care

I got a great guy so go ahead and stare

He's everything I want and need

He's the one in my heart who has the lead

He's the one who was always there

And we make a perfect pair

I know he knows me and knows me well

And if I say something he won't go and tell

He knows what I mean with a single look

He'll get the hints you never took

And I'm a bad girlfriend?

At least I never yelled at you for things you couldn't mend

I never wanted things to end like this

And the "you" I dated I will miss

But overall you brought this on your own

Now all I want is for you to leave me alone

That means keep from saying my name

Stop playing this stupid game

Stop talking about me behind my back

Because obviously you don't know me and that's what you lack

That shows me that you never did

So stop acting like a little kid

You need to learn to let things drop

Before you push me over the top

You knew I didn't want to hurt you

I told you, don't tell me you never knew

And I'd just like to say

If I may

You're "done with me?"

Hon, I'm done with you, can't you see?

Shea Maack