You, I, He, She, They, We, Say

You said "It's going to be a long road."

I said "Trust me I know."

I said "I'd lose a lot of close people."

I said "Things are going to change."

You said "I know."

We said "I love you."

He said "Do whatever makes you happy."

She said "What're you going to do?"

He said "I fucking knew it."

She said "Fuck you."

You said "It'll all blow over."

I said "I know."

You said "I'll always love you."

I said "I'll love you too."

They say "You're stupid."

They say "I can't believe you."

They say "I hope that you'll be happy."

They say "I'm done."

We say "Whatever."

We say "We don't need them."

You say "I love you,"

I say "I love you too."

You say "And I'll show you just how much."

I say "When's that?"

You say "On valentines day."

Shea Maack