I dunno... I got bored. I've written alot about all this, possibly could end up a series of one shots, if I have time. Or the will power. Also, a semi attempt at humor. -BloodyRedEclipse

You know those people that Fate loves? That get all the breaks? Lead the most fulfilling lives, then die and leave a fortune for there kids, grand kids, various relatives.

I'm so not one of those people. Fate hates me. End of story. My own family doesn't have anything to do with me. My mother disowned me when I got plastered drunk, high as the clouds, and knocked up.

Okay, so it was a stupid thing to do. But it was New Years. What was I supposed to do? Suck Ginger Ale while everyone else broke out the champagne? Whatever.

I hungover, crashed, and aborted the baby. Am I going to hell? Probably. Or so says my dear mother. Yeah, I can feel the love there.

But whatever. I can deal with Fate. Bring it, you antagonizing gutterslut.


Rain splashed around me. I like rain, really. But it was cold. Icy even. The middle of summer is not the time for ice. 'Least not here, anyway. Rain wasn't even in the forecast. Stupid weather people. I'd like to see one time they were right.

"Katti." An anonymous voice in the shadows. Great, not only am I alone, I'm possibly going crazy.

"Katti!" The voice growled. Fear shivered up my spine. Something in that voice... it made me want to run. I didn't. I kept walking calmly.

"I smell your fear, child." He said softly. When I didn't respond, he sighed. "I'd hate to force you to speak with me."

This annoyed me, "Try and see what happens." I muttered.

"I think I could take you... Bounty Hunter."

I froze. Bounty Hunter? No... I wasn't a Bounty Hunter. Impossible, it was bred out of my family tree. Aside that, girls were never Bounty Hunters. "I think you've got the wrong person, mister. So, uh, you can go on your merry way and leave me alone."

A heavy pause. "I doubt I have the wrong person. Are you not Kattianna Dhmiri?"

"I haven't used that name since my father died. It's Katti Jones." I replied cooly. It wasn't legally my name, but it was a lot less stranger than Dhmiri.

"Not legally. And you know it. Your family is full of Bounty Hunters, and you know that too."

"Look, dude, I don't know who you are-" He cut me off.

"You lie, Dhmiri. You know who I am, because you are a Bounty Hunter. You know why I'm here. Some basic brain level knows everything."

A name popped in my head. "Lucifer." I whispered.

"Yes, my child. You are correct.."

"I'm not your anything." I hissed.

"Dhmiri, you can lie to your self, but not me. Bounty Hunters belong to me." Lucifer said, voice emotionless.

"Stop calling me Dhmiri! That is not my name!"

"Then stop kidding yourself. Would you like me to prove who and what you are?" He asked.

"Give it your best shot." I challenged. Regretting it the instant I said it. Pain, white hot and unimaginable pounded through my body, centering around my head. I tried to scream, but no sound came out. My knees hit the wet sidewalk and tears streamed down my face.

After what could have been years, days, seconds, the pain vanished. I felt cold and empty, the way you feel after you've have a awful fever that suddenly broke.

Shivering I pulled my self up and leaned against the side of a building for support. "Bastard." I panted.

"Ah, but I'm the bastard who now owns you."

I shrugged, or attempted to anyway, "What good would a dead Bounty Hunter do you? I have no powers. I can't fight or defend myself from Supernaturals."

"Which is why the Black Wings will help you. I only need your assistance for one mission, then you are free." He still had yet to show himself.

"The Black Wings?" Whoa, what the hell are they?

He snorted softly. "The human term is Fallen. You will kill the Grey Wing Talyn. Then you can go on about your mortal life. Understood?"

"It's not a choice is it?" I asked softly. Mental Note: Do not piss off the devil. Ever.

He laughed softly. "No, child. It isn't. The Black Wings will come to you tomorrow. For now, go home and sleep."

I felt his presence- shadowy, evil and scary, lift. The icy rain slackened up and warmed.

Great. Just effin' great.


You know what sucks? Like, really sucks? Being woken up by a bunch of super hot guys with fluffy black wings while wearing girl boxers and a bra- oh and the remains of a cream dream you can't even remember splattered on both boxers and sheets.

Yeah. It sucks hard. Remind me to bitch about this to Lucifer.

I slammed the bathroom door after using a few creative words and hand signs to the Black Wings. They laughed. The bastards laughed. Laughed! Revenge!

After about an hour or more- I took my sweet time, I emerged from the bathroom and glared at the four men sitting in my room. "Shoo! This is my private room. Out, bird boys or I'll use my mysterious Bounty Hunting powers on you."

"If you had 'Bounty Hunting Powers' why would Luc send us here?" One of them, the tallest, said calmly.

"Lay off her, guys. She's as human as everyone else in this rat-trap." Another- one with the sulky 'emo' thing going on, put in.

"Um, do you guys have names? Or should I refer to you as Bird Boys 1, 2, 3, and 4?" I asked, giving up hope of getting them out.

"Sure we have names!" Bird Boy 3 said cheerily, his hellfire eyes at odds with his tone. "I'm Malachi." He pointed at Bird Boy 1, "He's Arick." Bird Boy 2 and 4, "And the twins, Xian and Lyian."

"Right. So, what's a Grey Wing? Lucifer mentioned something about killing one."

Malachi grinned. "A Grey Wing is a mix of White Wing- human term is Angel, and a Black Wing- one of our lot. Black and white make grey, see? Oh, and he prefers Luc."

"Riiight. How exactly do you kill something like that?"

The boys shared a glance with each other. Then Arick spoke, "You rip the bastard's head off."

"Blunt isn't he?" I muttered.

"You learn to deal with it." Xian put in.

"Whatever, so how do we find the Grey Wing? I want this over as quick as possible."


Turns out 'as quick as possible' isn't that quick. Or comfortable. I get to play whore while the boys behead Talyn. Great. Of all the thing I never wanted to do, spread my legs for the purpose of gaining anything ranks pretty high up there. Right under piss off Luc.

"There he is." Lyian muttered, cocking his head in the direction of a tallish, lanky man- loosely used term there, he couldn't have been older that twenty. He was walking down the dark street. Correction- dark whore street.

"And I do what? What if he doesn't pick me?" There were tons of if's, most of them I hoped the rest of the boys had taken care of. I'd stayed with Lyian. Turns out he's gay. I only found that out after he'd watched me play dress up, and I'd made a comment. Something about soap, I think.

He'd laughed, genuinely. Huh, most people would have back-slapped me. Then again Luc would be all over his tail- and not in the good way, if he had.

"Hon, he'll pick you. Trust me."

"Oh, sure. I'll trust the gay boy on who'd sleep with me."

"You really don't have much of a choice."

"This would have been easier if he was gay." I hissed. Then I walked toward him. I really wanted a few shots of Jack Daniels right now. Really badly.

"Hey, handsome." I breathed when I was close enough. He glanced at me, slate grey eyes looking me up and down. The heat in his eyes said he liked what he saw.

"Mmm. I'd bet your out of my price range." He murmured. His eyes were hypnotic. I stared into them, transfixed.

I never noticed when he pushed me into the alley, nor when he kissed me. All I remember was him suddenly jerking back, the his head leaving his body.

Blood splashed me and the alley walls and the trance snapped like a band. I blinked. "Ew." I muttered, stepping out of the alley. Arick and Malachi followed, chuckling. Apparently I was the only one who'd got covered with blood.

Then there was a screeching sound. Rubber on concrete. Just like that a big, moving, metal monster- a car in hindsight, slammed into me. My head hit the sidewalk with a terrible cracking wet thud. I vomited at the sound, my vision turning a sticky blood red, them black as shock wore off- thank you Bounty Hunter powers. Not.

Pain sang through my body, before, mercifully I sank into the cool abyss of death.


If you're thinking I died for good, you're wrong. Nope. Lucifer made sure I didn't. Not really. For all intents and purposes I'm dead. Not legally. But I have seen the torture grounds in hell. Trust me, you don't want to.

Now I work full time for Luc. Stupid bastard. Maybe Fate is getting Her revenge on the gutterslut comment...