My bordom fix. It sounds alot better in my head. I doubt if I'll write on this much more. -BloodyRedEclipse

I sat up in my sleeping bag. A tingle in my spine had kept me from sleeping for a while. The sleeping forms of my old friends- Rachael, Sandra, Elena, and the empty bag where Holly was supposed to be.

She'd always been a night owl... but she'd been gone at least an hour and a half. I hadn't seen her for, like, ten years, but that wasn't normal and didn't set well with me.

Okay, so I'm not normal myself- but why does that matter? It doesn't. So what if I'm the only one in this camp who's been bedded by Lucifer? Well, more like dominated then pinned to a wall, but whatever.

I pulled my over night bag closer and dug around for my silver switch blade. Found it after a moment or two. If a demon was there and had Holly, he'd be on the business end of a pissed off Bounty Hunter. God- and Lucifer both, knew that. Though Luc really didn't give a damn. God might or might not. Who knows? I never met him.

I got to my feet, muttering, "Luc, I swear if you sent one of your half-baked bastards, I'm going to quit." Yeah, like that was possible. I had died, and I went to hell. I'm Luc's now. Hell's a bitch of a bastard's whore. It's too friggin' hot down there.

I walked into the woods, flicking out the switch blade. It's silver blade, serrated because it hurt demons a lot more, glinted coldly in the moonlight. Everyone in hell- demons at leas,t had a blade of some sorts. I was the only one who could stand silver's touch- Bounty Hunter powers finally showed up, thank you.

Demons hate silver. Werewolves do too, but it's an allergy to them. To us- yes us, I include myself because I can feel it's heat, silver is holy, and demons aren't. You do the math. Fire is pretty damn fun to watch. Yep, I'm a professed Pyromaniac. You can't live in hell and not be.

"Kattianna Dhmiri. So nice you could join us." A big Third Class demon stepped out from behind a tree. Holly was tied to said tree. Gagged, too. He was white and furry, like a big kitty. Only huge saber fangs protruded from his mouth, curled in a sickening parody of a grin. Long tattered feathery hair- longer than mine, hung from his legs and forearms like a Clydesdale's, only it was black, not white like the rest of him.

The only way I could tell it was a him was his voice. He had no recognizable parts that I could see. I figured he was like a dog or something.

"I'm afraid you've got the wrong person. See, I'm not Kattianna, I'm the chick who's about to kick your furry ass. Let the human go and I'll think about going easy on you." It was a lie. I'd carve him up then kill him. No easy anything. And not because of Holly. I felt nothing for her. Demons feel no emotions. See, we have three modes; kill, horny, and calm.

"I was hoping to ream yours, but hey, I like it rough." He grinned. Great, he was set on kill and horny.

"God, between you and Luc I'm going to have to get a bigger knife," I grinned as he winced at the word God

He shrugged and flashed over to me. I moved to the side, slashing the switch bade into his forearm. The silver met demon flesh and steam bubbled. He jerked back, black blood dripping on the ground and sizzling.

"Bitch!" He spat, charging again. I rolled my eyes and dogged again, this time I kicked his legs out from under him. I dropped on his back and he grunted.

"Tell me your name and this'll go easier." I said, slashing Lucifers symbol- a heart and triangle, into his left shoulder then his right.

"Cunt!" He hissed, trying to buck me off. I sighed, and sank the knife in halfway to the hilt in his back. He whimpered.

"Name, you bastard. Tell me." I growled, watching the blood stain his white fur. He'd make a nice fur coat.

"Daiagyle!" He spat, blood dripped out his mouth.

"Finally." I muttered, carving his name between the two heartagrams with a line through it. With a soundless cry, he imploded and disappeared leaving a slight bloody smudge where he'd bled. I heard Holly whimper softly then a soft thud.

"What the hell is going on, Katt?" Holly asked softly. The bonds and gag had gone with the demon.

I turned to her. "It's a long story, Hollyberry." I murmured, using the nickname we'd made up when we were kids.

"I've got time, Kitty Katt." She replied, her eyes meeting mine. There was fear there. True fear like I'd never seen.

I sighed. "I'm a Bounty Hunter. I work for Lucifer- and yes, before you ask, he is the guy with a pointy horns and pitch fork. I'm also dead."

"Is this a dream? I've seen Ghost Rider too much and this is a dream." Holly muttered.

"Sorry, hon. Not a dream. And I'm nothing like Ghost Rider. See, we can work for either God or Lucifer. Who ever finds us first we belong to. And Luc found me first. Then a car hit me and poof! I died."

"I thought you were an Atheist."

"I was. I've learned better."

"So... you kill demons?"

"No, we have tea and do our nails." I muttered.

"Seriously, what do you do?"

I shrugged. "Whatever Lucifer can come up with to keep me busy. Sometimes just to piss me off."

"Did he send the thing you killed?"

"Maybe. I think it was a rouge, but you never know with Luc."

"What if it was meant to kill me? Will you be in trouble?" There was her mortal feelings. I sort of missed them.

"I doubt it. If it was a rouge, Luc'll be happy to see him leave."

A pause. "If your dead, then why are you here?"

"Luc gave me a vacation of sorts. And I came back here to see what was going on with you guys. It's been a while."

Holly snorted. "Ten damn years. They did invent a thing called the telephone, then the amazing thing called e-mail." There was the fiery temper I remembered

"I've been busy."

"Katti!" Luc's voice snapped in the clearing. Holly glanced around.

"Damn it! What do you want, Luc?"

"There's something we should talk about. Get back here."

"It this about what just happened?"

"No, it isn't. There's another Bounty Hunter. That bastard Michael found him!"