Howdy! This is a school assignment I may have taked a little too far. My assignment was to write an alternate ending to Romeo and Juliet, and with my overactive imagination, author's insticts, and warped mind, this is the result. A number of eyewitnesses told me that I had the crazed expression of a homosidal maniac and shaking, sweaty hands while writing this. Hmm... no wonder no one wants to sit next to me in English... Anyway, this is far from my best work, but it's... um... interesting nonetheless. Enjoy!

What Really Happened


That's the first thing that registered in my mind. My mind, my body, my soul… were all frozen; as if by a winter wind. I tried desperately to move; my joints were stiff and my blood unmoving in my veins. "Maybe I'm dead," I thought vaguely, my mind drugged and hazy. I tenderly felt my face; my cheeks were cold as ice.

"Lady!" A distant voice echoed in my mind, a sound that made my head throb painfully.

"Lady! Lady Juliet!"

My eyelids excruciatingly heavy, I peeked through my lashes, only to be met with startlingly blinding light from a nearby torch.

"Lady Juliet!"

The wizened face of Friar Laurence swam and materialized before my eyes. While he slid in and out of focus, I could tell that his usual kindly face was now stricken with terror.

"Lady Juliet!" He exclaimed. "Arise! Make haste!"

"Oh, comfortable friar," I rasped, my voice hoarse and unrecognizable as my own. I gingerly lowered myself to the floor. "Where is my lord?"

"My dear lady, please understand-"

"Where is my Romeo…?"

Friar Laurence stuttered incoherently, refusing to meet my eyes. Instead, he kept shifting his gaze on some fixed spot behind me, like a criminal in court. Shifty eyes. A sure sign of suspicion. I spun around, expecting to see my beloved appear before me.

See him I did.

He was cold, pale, stiff, and unmoving. Dead. Dead upon the filthy, unswept ground. The last traces of life quickly dwindling away, leaving nothing but a lifeless, moth-eaten corpse.

"Lady, Lady, I dare no longer stay! I dare no longer-"

"Don't leave just yet, Friar!" I said loudly. "You see, while I cared for dear Romeo, the one I really loved…was you!"

And then they made out.

The End.

Please don't shoot me. I wrote it in five minutes. Please review, flames warmly welcomed. And deserved, really.

God Bless,