The Butterfly

I have a name-tag you know―

See, right there!

It's perfect, both in English and Latin

― It's me!

Now, now,

There's no need to stare.

Move along,

There are plenty more exhibits,

Although I know I must be fascinating.

― Who wouldn't find something

Trapped behind a wall of glass

And put up for display

Completely and utterly


― Or no, I meant interesting.

Yes, that's the right word,

Because how can I forget:

No one feels sorry

To the same degree as an empathetic embrace

― Which we all know can't happen through glass.

That's right,

Continue walking.

Go and amuse yourselves

By staring at the other specimen;

You'll have forgotten about me by tomorrow

― And don't worry,

I know that you can't hear me.