To Be Understood is Good

How are you?



It works.


Only enough to confuse you;

after all, isn't it more interesting to guess what I mean?

To confuse me?

Hopefully not too much;

I do like being understood on occasion.



I don't want to be confused.

So you say good? It's rather nondescript of you.

Well what am I supposed to say?

"But you don't ever make sense!"

Is that what you want me to say?

No, but…


Hmm? But what? Continue.

But you were saying something…

Then shouldn't you butt out?


Derriere if you please.

I'm confused.

How wonderful.

Do you enjoy my incomprehension?

Not particularly.

So then why not explain yourself?

At the speed of a squished snail? No thank you.

Do you think me incompetent?


Then what?

I'm the incompetent one.


Yes, like a glass of water being spilled:

I gush out to fast to be saved (let alone noticed)

until someone steps in my puddle and realizes that they have nothing left to drink;

wet paper towels in a landfill and a new drink are the results.

…I think you've just spilled…

Thank you, I've noticed…

Next time aim for a swimming pool. I can swim, don't worry,

and I'm not about to waste precious paper towel.

…But would you want to swim?

Of course I would.

…Well then… Good.