Basic Grammar

It's never too late until

You're living a day ahead of everyone else;

Clocks arguing with the sun and the satellites and the calendars

And the coffee makers and the microwaves and their popcorn,

And all of the general order and chaos in between.

Life itself would fall to pieces,

A carefully manufactured programme and agenda shredded

Along with old bank bills

(Identity theft is a growing crisis)

Letting words and letters mingle:

Monday is introduced to Friday by Tuesday,

And Sunday decides that it likes Wednesday better than Saturday,

Meanwhile Tuesday and Thursday decide to become the one and only


(Leaving 11.11 without significance.)

It's the only way to forget that Sunday still comes after Saturday―

So learn to use a sundial (it can't be brainwashed)

And remember the popcorn!

Because it's never too late

Until you're living a day ahead of everyone else.

Those five minutes add up.