Good Girl Going Crazy

Epilogue Part Two

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My head spun as I stared at him in disbelief. "What?" I gasped. "But- I helped you with your applications! I was there when you got your decision e-mail! You went to an interview, for goodness sakes! What happened?"

Shuffling his sneakers on the floor, Scott looked down at his feet. "I turned them down, hun," he said.

I blinked. What?

"Why?" I asked, wondering if I was hearing this right. Possibly I was dreaming. Yeah, that's the only explanation. I must be dreaming. Either that or Scott had gone completely insane, and he was too cute to be crazy.

"Because something told me that if I went all the way across the country, I wouldn't be happy." Scott clasped his warm hands over mine, lacing his fingers through mine as he spoke.

"But Scott- that's your future! You were ecstatic to get into Harvard! How can you throw it all away like that?"

"I was ecstatic to get into Harvard, but I did some thinking. What good is going some place if you have to leave your heart behind?"

I blinked at him. Now he was talking in riddles. Just great.

"Scott, what-," I started.

He put a finger over my mouth to stop me in mid sentence.

"Don't you wanna know why I'm throwing it away?" he asked. I opened my mouth and he continued, a smile quirking around his lips. "I'll give you a hint. Name starts with Z."

Oh, this was so definitely a dream. Any second now, I'd wake up and Mimi would be hollering at me to come downstairs and check out the bridesmaid dress material.

"Scott." I strived for a reasonable tone but my voice came out all breathless. "You gave up Harvard- for me?"

Scott nodded. "Uh, yeah."

"Why?" I whispered.

"Coz I don't want to be without you, hun."

Simple, sweet and to the point. Lord have mercy, my boyfriend is insane.

"Scott, that's- this isn't- you can't-," I stammered, trying to get my point across. I still couldn't believe it. While it was perhaps the sweetest thing any one person had ever done for me, it was also without doubt the stupidest. Hands down.

Grinning, Scott nodded. "I did."

"That's insane, Taylor! You can't give up your place at the most prestigious school in the country just because you want to be near me!" I exclaimed, running a hand through my hair.

"Too late, I already did," Scott grinned, just like everything was fine and dandy. He didn't seem to care. But I did. I knew how much getting into Harvard had meant to Scott. His dad was a Harvard student and he had been so proud that Scott was following in his footsteps. And now-this.

"But-," I started, without knowing what I was going to say. My mind was a blank. The only thing I could process right now was- nothing.

"No buts," Scott said. "I'm doing this mainly for you, but its okay."

"It's not okay for you to give up your spot at Harvard- for me!" A new thought popped into my head and I groaned, wrapping my arms around my stomach. "Oh man, your parents are gonna be so mad."

Especially at me, since it appeared to be my fault.

Scott waved his hand at me dismissively. In a purely sadistic way, he seemed to be enjoying this, the jerk. "Don't sweat it. They know."

"And they're cool with it?" That seemed too good to be true, but that was only coz if I backed out on my college application, my parents wouldn't pass go. They would just straight up kill me.

"Sure," Scott shrugged. "I wanted to do Aerospace Engineering, remember? Harvard doesn't have that program. UCLA does. So you're happy, I'm happy, I get to do my first choice and we'll be close to each other. Just like old times. Perfecto."

He cannot be serious-wait, did he just say-

"You're following me to UCLA?" I asked in a voice that was barely a whisper, sure that I had heard him wrong. He couldn't have said he was headed to UCLA. Couldn't have.

His slight nod was all the answer I needed. Flushing slightly with embarrassment, he suddenly blurted out "You don't want me following you to UCLA, do you?"

Not fair. I barely had enough time to process all these bombshells he kept throwing at me. My mouth wide open, I stared up at him. "What?" I said (apparently the only word I was capable of saying without stuttering my way through it).

Scott bit his lip, running a distracted hand through his hair and spiking it up even more. "I know I just pulled a stalker move but- I wasn't thinking as usual. I just couldn't stand the fact that you'd be all the way across the country from me and I was doing this so I could be closer to you. Did I mess up?"

He looked so upset and nervous as he looked down at me that my heart constricted. He actually thought that I didn't want him with me? Was he crazy? Probably, but how could he think that I was anything but thrilled about the fact that we wouldn't be torn apart like I had been imagining all day? Still, I had to play the Devil's Advocate for a second. I didn't want him doing this if there was a chance that it wasn't the right thing for him to do. I wanted him around, but I didn't want him to pay with his education and his future. UCLA was a good university, but Harvard was the best.

"Are you're parents really and truly cool with it?" I asked, reaching up and cupping his face in my hands.

He nodded as much as he was able with my hands on his face. "Yeah," he said softly.

"Is this what you really want?"

To give up all your dreams just for the opportunity to be with me? I couldn't dare believe it. Was this really happening?

"I want this so badly," Scott murmured, bending his head down till our foreheads were touching and I was looking into his gorgeous eyes. "I wanna go to UCLA to be with you." He covered my hands with his and squeezed them as he looked into my eyes, biting his lip nervously. "That is, if you'll have me."

There is nothing cuter than an unsure Scott.

"Scott," I breathed, a smile growing on my face, "you're the best stalker and boyfriend anyone could ever hope to have."

This was just too good to be true.

A slow grin spread over Scott's face and his eyes lit up. "So- you don't think I'm scarily obsessed?" he asked wryly.

I stood on my tiptoes (two years on, I was still a measly 5'4, while Scott still towered over me at about 5'11, 6 feet), wrapped my arms around Scott's neck and kissed him. His arms wrapped around my waist, squeezing as he kissed me back, his lips tasting of Skittles. My heart jumped in my chest as he bit my lower lip softly. Good sign that he still managed to turn me on with one little kiss? I took a step back, smiling up at him.

"Does that look like I think you're obsessed?" I asked playfully, my heart filled with joy.

"Well, I'm not really convinced," he drawled, his voice trailing off as he leaned down for another soft kiss.

"You kids are lucky you're no longer students here, otherwise that would be a detention right there," a voice from behind us said.

Jerking away from Scott, I breathed a sigh of relief as I saw Mr. Graham standing there, a benign smile on his face.

"Mr. G, you've been my teacher for 4 years," Scott started, his arms still around my waist.

"A long, tough 4 years," Mr. Graham put in, still smiling.

"And you've never given me a detention for making out in the hallways. So I don't think you'll start now," Scott continued, sounding very sure of himself.

"What can I say, you have enough charisma to charm the Devil himself," Mr. Graham shrugged.

"That is exactly what I've been trying to tell him," I said fondly, a grin on my face.

"I try," Scott said, laughing.

"Your Salutatorian speech was very good, by the way." Mr. Graham scrutinized Scott for a second, and then turned to me. "Did you write it for him, Zabriana?"

I couldn't help laughing at the affronted look on Scott's face. He had worked very hard on his speech, harder than he had worked on anything the whole senior year.

"No, Mr. Graham, that was all Scott," I said, rubbing his back.

"Impressive. I guess God ultimately heard my prayers. You've finally grown up, Scott." Mr. Graham shook his head as if he couldn't believe it. "I mean, no senior pranks or anything from you. I'm proud of you."

He put out his hand and Scott shook it, looking awed.

"Coming from you, sir, that means a lot," he said.

Mr. Graham frowned as he noticed Scott's outfit. "Why are you still wearing your gown?" he asked, crossing his arms over his chest. "Didn't you go to the gym to get your diploma?"

Uh oh.

"Yeah, I did. My parents took it home coz I wanted to hang around here a bit longer," Scott replied easily, as if hanging on to a graduation gown was something everyone did.

"Then why- you know what, never mind," Mr. Graham said, shaking his head. He held out his hand but it wasn't for a handshake this time. "Disregard everything I said about you growing up and give me that gown."

Grumbling to himself, Scott pulled off the gown and handed it to Mr. G. "Why can't I take it home? You don't expect me to walk home dressed in this, do you?" he asked petulantly, pointing down at his slightly baggy jeans and black Queen t-shirt.

"Firstly, you don't walk. You have a car. Secondly, if you wore that outfit on your graduation day, you must like it," Mr. Graham replied, a smile twitching around his lips. "Now, I'm going to take my leave. Zabriana, Scott," he said, nodding in each of our directions, "I wish you all the best in your futures. Anytime you need to talk, you know where to find me."

"Thanks, Mr. Graham," I said, feeling the strange urge to cry. Mr. Graham had been there for me when the Wayne thing had happened. And he was also the funniest teacher at Glendale High. I was going to miss him.

"Mr. G, you da man," Scott said, clapping him on the shoulder.

Looking quite pleased at being referred to as 'da man', Mr. Graham said "Take care, kids. It's a big world out there," and strode up the hallway.

Scott drew in a deep breath. "Kinda drives the point home, doesn't it?" he asked me, a crooked smile on his face. "That after today, everything changes?"

I nodded ruefully. "Yeah," I sighed, safe in the knowledge of one thing. If everything changed, at least Scott would be with me. Now I sound like the obsessive one.

Rubbing his upper arms, Scott groaned. "Holy fuck, I feel cold without my gown."

"Damn, you took it off! I wanted to see the Great Scott Taylor in a dress!"

Scott whirled around to face a grinning Jason, an expression of delight on his face. "Jason! You're back!"

He stepped forward to hug Jason, who was standing there with Cheryl clutching his hand, a content look on her face.

"Hey, bro," Jason said, patting Scott's back. He smiled at me over Scott's shoulder. "Hey, Zab!"

"Hi, Jason," I smiled back, as Scott yelled "Dude, I missed you, you numb fuck!"

Cheryl giggled. "Well put, Scott," she said as Scott stepped back, beaming at seeing his best friend.

"Scott's not the only one who missed you, Jason," I said, pointing to Cheryl, who stuck her tongue out at me.

Jason shook his head, his brown hair falling into his eyes. "And here she is, acting like she could care less to see me," he joked, hugging Cheryl's shoulders. He grinned at us. "So, how does it feel to be high school grads?"

"Scary," I admitted.

"You'll get used to it," he promised.

"Can we get lunch now?" Cheryl asked, smiling up at Jason, just as he was smiling down at him.

"Sure," Jason nodded and gestured at us. "Let's go to Taco Bell. My treat."

Scott shook his head immediately, his earrings catching the sun. "Nuh uh," he said. "We're eating in the canteen. Hayley's orders."

"Why the canteen?" Cheryl asked, raising one eyebrow.

Scott shrugged. "I don't know, nostalgia or some shit like that. All I know is I'm not crossing Hayley if I can help it." He looked at Jason. "She's been taking karate classes."

Jason gave a mock shiver and I giggled. "Wow, terrifying," he said. "Canteen it is, then."

Amazing. They had bent to the will of a tiny blonde. But since that tiny blonde was Hayley Neilson, I supposed they had the right to be scared. She could be very intimidating.

"But will we be allowed to eat in the canteen?" I had to ask. I hate breaking rules if I can help it.

"They won't even notice we're the recent grads," Scott said derisively. "C'mon, guys, for old times sakes."

Cheryl shrugged. "I don't mind," she said.

Scott looked at me. "Shall we?" he asked. I smiled at him.

"Sure," I said, letting him slip his hand into mine. We headed to the canteen, chatting. Jason wanted to know what the senior prank had been and laughing, Scott told him.

"Some dumbasses stuck a bunch of plastic forks in the football field," he said.

It was a stupid prank. Principal Kane was not impressed.

"What? That was our prank last year!" Jason exclaimed.

"Tell me about it. Those lameasses who pulled it are so unoriginal," Scott nodded.

Jason gave him a sly look. "What did you do?" he asked.

"Apparently, nothing," Cheryl cut in before Scott could answer. Jason laughed.

"There's no way the Great Scott Taylor didn't pull a prank," he scoffed, shaking his head.

Grinning, Scott said, "You prolly don't wanna be here when Principal Kane is trying to get into his car."

All three of us stared at him. "What did you do?" I asked, unable to think of anything. He hadn't let on that he was going to do anything to ring out the senior year, but that was the thing about Scott. Highly unpredictable.

"I cling filmed his car and spray painted 'Class of 08, Scott Taylor Rules' on it," he laughed. I groaned and Cheryl shook her head in admiration as Jason laughed along with Scott. What a prank.

"Sweet," Jason said.

We sat at our regular table in the canteen, Jason's presence making the lunch gang complete- Jason, Hayley, Cheryl, Paul, Greg, Scott and me. Apart from the presence of Scott, it was the very same group of people that I had had lunch with in my first week at Glendale. And now we were good friends.

"Guys," Paul said in between bites of his tuna sub, "do you realise that this is the last time we'll be together like this?"

A collective groan rose from us at the table. We had pushed it to the back of our minds, but Paul had to remind us again that after today, nothing would be the same. Hayley took offence.

"Don't be such a buzz kill," she said, her cheeks flushing as she stabbed a finger into Paul's chest. "We still have the whole summer to hang out. And who said we won't see each other again, huh? Its just uni. It's not like we won't get vacations."

Playfully swatting Hayley's finger away, Paul gave her a pitying look. "I'm talking about here, at this table," he amended.

Greg nodded ruefully. "Lots of things went down at this table," he said in his quiet voice.

Snorting with laughter, Scott said "Lots of food fights."

"Scott, if you dare start a food fight-," Cheryl started threateningly pointing her fork at him. Scott raised his hands in defense.

"I won't!" he exclaimed. "Sheesh, mom!"

"So, since it's our very last lunch at Glendale High School," Paul continued, pushing his glasses up his nose, "I have a very important subject to broach." He looked around the table at us all. "Hopefully this time, we can reach an agreement. A majority vote, if you will."

"Paul-," Hayley started, a warning tone in her voice.

"As a matter of national curiosity, it's imperative that we know!" Paul said, his voice rising as he glowered at Hayley, who was glowering back at him. I had an idea I knew what this was about...

"It's deadlocked, Paul!" Hayley said.

Paul nodded, his black hair bouncing. "It's been deadlocked for years! This is why Zabri is our tie breaker."

I nervously looked at an intense Paul. "Uh-," I started.

"I must ask you, Zabriana. Family Guy or The Simpson's?" Paul continued, talking over me as his eyes gleamed.

"Fuck, don't answer that. If you value your life, don't answer that," Scott murmured into my ear as Hayley and Paul leaned in closer to me, eager expressions on their bespectacled faces.

The rest of the table (and even an erstwhile Wayne) had given their opinions on the controversial topic. Cheryl, Paul and Scott were Family Guy freaks, while Greg, Hayley and Jason's were The Simpson's addicts. It was a tie vote and since I was the only one who hadn't given my opinion, it rested on me to decide which the better cartoon was. Pretty hard thing to do, since I didn't watch either one of them.

"I actually don't watch either," I replied casually. "I like Robot Chicken."

You had to be there to see the shocked looks on Paul and Hayley's faces as I said this. Scott laughed out loud, squeezing my shoulder.

"That's actually a pretty decent show," he agreed.

Greg shrugged, smiling. "Yeah, I watch it on and off. It's funny."

Paul pouted, pounding a fist on the table. "You guys suck! Hey, you there," he yelled at a passing freshman. The girl started, reminding me of me when I had just arrived. Meek as a mouse.

"Yes?" she squeaked, clutching her lunch tray as though she thought that the pissed off looking Asian boy would throw his sub at her.

"Family Guy or The Simpson's?" Paul asked.

The girl squeaked out "The Simpson's," and ran, leaving Hayley crowing with pleasure.

Paul muttered "Not valid," to himself, shaking his head.

I smiled to myself. No matter where I went, what I did or who I met, I would always look back on my time at Glendale High with the fondest memories. This wasn't goodbye; it was the start of a new chapter in our lives. The only way was up for all of us and with Scott by my side, I felt like I was ready for anything. As for the seven of us? No matter what happened, we would probably be friends forever. We were all too weird not to be.

Fin. For realz.

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