The Faerie Rave

The forest was silent that night, a hush that had fallen as one falls before a great event. The wind was holding its breath, the stars gazed intently down on the world, and the boughs of trees were completely still. Then the music began. It started as a low drumming, barely heard over the silence, and grew, and grew. In a clearing, creatures began to creep from the shadows, rose up, and began to dance. Faeries unfolded themselves and darkness took form, and the music continued to grow.

Two humans heard the music and followed until they reached the clearing. They saw the glowing creatures, felt the beat pound in their chests and they joined the Rave.

The trees shook their leaves, plants swayed, and the stars sang along. Everything was alive and everything was dancing, pulling and spinning with one another, drugged by the intensity of the night.

The two humans were pulled together and they danced along, duelling with the push and pull of the music, letting it overtake their very beings. As the Rave and music reached a climax, they threw themselves away from the other, spinning into the darkness that enveloped the clearing. They danced blindly now, guided only by the movement of their partners and the music. The stars continued to sing, but their light now shone in the hearts of every being present that night. The dance pounded on, and the music reached such an intensity that the humans screamed and laughed, and were pulled away by creatures. The danced with Faeries and creatures of the night, and then they were back together. The light returned and the two humans collapsed, gasping for breath. The Faeries were gone and the stars had quieted. The music was fading until the only sound left was the pounding of their own hearts.