Old Fashioned Steeple Chase (With Martinis)

So you've decided to play hide-and-go-seek

On the merry-go-round?

The antique mirrors working double shifts

To conceal you

For those glorious two seconds of fame?

You're making the horses nervous,

Trembling and snorting and clearly frenzied

As they pace in their





Dizzying themselves with cross-eyed focus and fixation,

Determined to simply find you

(Like a drunk attempts to walk a straight line

That is painted on the floor with hiccoughs.)

All the while, there you are:

First smiling at your cleverness

- They'll never find you here -

…Then soon realizing that the carousel is slowing;

They're not searching anymore, passed out in drunken fatigue,

And the mirrors are too old and heavy to push aside.

You win.