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I'm not sure why I hadn't called him all weekend. I guess it just didn't seem right. But anyway, things with my mother went surprisingly well. I explained everything from when I started being attracted to boys up until now with my somewhat not exactly official relationship with Arrit. The only thing that worries me is that she said she is going to look more up on my situation. I'm not sure what that means and I am not sure I want to know.

Now here I am sitting here in first period History waiting for Arrit to show up and sit in that seat next to me. Minutes pass and the bell rings, and he is still not there. What if something happened to him? I shift in my seat a bit, keeping my eyes glued to the door as Mrs. Avery takes the attendance.

"Mr. Jameson?" I hear the crone say, I turn my head away from the door,"Do you know where Mr. Parker is today?"

"No I actually haven't," I replied worrying to myself that the school had no reports of his absence. Right as I turn to look at the door again, it flies open to reveal Arrit rushing in. I scan him up and down as he apologizes to the old bat. He has bruises and cuts all over his face, and he seems to be wincing every time he moves. I don't take my eyes off of him as he takes his seat next to me.

"What happened to you?" I demand in a hushed tone. His face turns grim at the very question as he mutters something I can't quite comprehend under his breath.

"I fell," he says flatly and opens his text book and starts flipping to the correct page.

"What ever you say," I mutter, dropping the subject for now, but god only knows I am not done questioning him.

It is the last class of the day, and as usual it drags on forever. Mr. Marlow is dragging on about works cited pages and how it is very important that we do them properly or face the penalty for plagiarism. I of coarse do not care about this works cited speech for they go over the same thing every year about the damned thing. I could recite it from memory by now. I set my pencil back down on the desk and admire my absent minded doodlings of the day. Like always they are undecipherable, I wouldn't be able to tell what was what if I knew what they were supposed to be. I close up the notebook and shove it and my pencil into my bag. Just as I am done zipping it up the bell rings, I slide out of my desk, flinging my bag onto my shoulder and rush out of the room before everyone else could even finish packing up. I walk quickly down the hall, scanning anywhere and everywhere for Arrit, ready to question him. Just as I was about to give up and go to my car, I spot him leaning against the wall next to the drinking fountains. I start to walk over to him when that Anderson boy corners him. I scowl, and change my course toward the parking lot. I do not want to make Arrit angry by butting in.

I pull my car into the driveway rather violently, nearly hitting the small lamp post my mother has at the front of the walk way. I am rather peeved at the fact that the Anderson boy beat me to talking to Arrit, but I didn't but in, I was acting a proper gentleman. I shift the car into park, and lean my head against the steering wheel. I need to be calm. I must be calm, who knows what my mother may have in store for me when I get in there. I sigh and take the keys out of the ignition before opening the door and stepping out of my car. I trod up the walkway to the door and open it slowly hoping my mother wouldn't come out of nowhere and tell me of her 'research'.

"Aiden honey!" I hear my mother's voice say cheerfully. Oh great I have to hear about her research now.

"Uh, hi mom," I say awkwardly.

"I have a surprise for you," she says happily, holding out a stack of papers to me, "You see I did some research and lookie here, this right here is directions, these are safety tips.." I tune her out as she shuffles through the papers pointing out different sections of what she found.

"That's great mom, I'll go look at them in my room," I fake a smile and grab the papers from my mother before walking up the stairs to my room and securing the lock behind me. I skim over the papers in my hand before walking over to my desk and throwing them onto my desk with the rest of my papers. I walk over to my bed and plop down fully ready to take a nap. I wonder if maybe I should call Arrit later. Nah I guess I'll just catch him tomorrow, he might be with that Anderson kid. Those were my last thoughts before drifting off to sleep.

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