I Mean This with All My Heart

Cliché and overused,

Misinformed and annoying,

"The Heart is the centre of emotion."

It is used to describe what can be described better

Without its use:

"This is coming from the heart"

Is better left as

"I mean this truly and sincerely"


"My heart is breaking"

Is better stated otherwise

― Or should I go find the defibrillator?

Even the poets who pride themselves on their insight are guilty of it.

Are we all really so unoriginal

That we can't say something different?

So accustomed to a phrase that it's now in our nature to use it?

I would be one to argue against it,

But the masses are fighting to disprove

Even that little drop of creativity left.

Conformity is agreement

For the most part, peacefully

― Peace being what we all want

From the bottom of our hearts;

So why argue

When it is unfortunately

So deeply manifested?