Wide Eyes Blind

by, Cassandra

Cut deep; my blood's dripping on the floor.
Still, you walk on by. Blinders hide your eyes.
Would you listen to me for a moment or two?
If you really care about me, then your actions lie.
Your own flesh and blood, yet you prefer to hide.
So watch me bleed. I bleed for you.
Everything you haven't done earns a stain of the floor.
So ashamed to see this work I have made for you,
still, I write your name through the crimson stain.
A tribute to the love you've never shown.
My heart lies in all it's broken glory, everything
you've wanted to see, before your eyes.
So, please take pride, for this work I've died.
My last stand for you, ever for you.
In the light I cried. In the dark I die.
See what you've done, always waiting for another day?
Always more importaint things then to sit and talk to me.
Maybe now you know, the time has come and gone.
So, always keep in mind, this was done for you.
To hide my shame, you handed me the knife I hold,
and through the tears I laughed "A living sacrifice."
Wide eyes blind, forever more.