Living in a snake-pipe dream

Forgetting to phone

Talking in poetry

Thinking like a burnt out light bulb

Lingering like an adobe playground

Sinking like a pueblo sun

Feeling trapped in Alcatraz

Drinking rhythm

Sweating rhyme

Dancing like a voodoo princess

Violating the golden rule

Swimming like a Louisiana immigrant

Churning the black and white tornado

Rocking to the witchcraft tattoo

Swearing at god

Beating out the lampshade fire

Healing like the good saint

Avoiding the truth

Spinning like a naked carousel

Starring at the cactus sky

Knowing that you're hopeless

Caring like an alcoholic

Living in a snake-pipe dream

Forgetting to phone.

Called "Abstract" for a reason. Don't ask for an explanation. I don't even know what this is about. I would, however, like to know what your thoughts are about it. Drop me a review if you like.