"What would I do without a friend like you?"

"I don't know; probably become somebody's boy toy, be used mercilessly for all you have, thrown away, and then used again until you're nothing but a male prostitute of sorts; well, a male prostitute that pays his customers."

Luke stopped walking. "That was elaborate."

Daisy turned to look at him. "Yeah, it was; but then again, so am I. Let's go. You know waiting around outside makes me nervous."

Luke laughed and followed her up the steps onto the official school grounds.

Before hours, their high school was crazy. No rules were really enforced (no rules were really enforced the rest of the time either…) and students ran wild without consequence. It was a mostly indoors campus, with an optional outdoors eating area, the soccer field, football field, track, and tennis courts being outside. The pool, basketball courts, gym, another eating area, and the classes were all indoors, stacked on top of each other in different stories.

The two of them walked side-by-side, Daisy in her Wayfarer Ray Bans, completely covered despite the day's heat, and Luke in the same raggedy t-shirt he had worn the day before.

"Why'd you wear the same thing as yesterday?" she demanded.

"Well, I didn't exactly have anything else to wear," he reminded her. He had fallen asleep at her house over the weekend and forgot to bring a change of clothes.

"My dad would have let you borrow something."

"No offense to you or your dad, but I'm not too fond of walking around looking like him. He's a bit nerdy."

"Oh, and what would you call us?" she asked as they reached her locker.

Luke leaned on the locker next to her. "I don't know; but we're not nerds."

"Keep on dreaming, buddy," she muttered as she continued to dig through her locker. She glared at The Pit to her left before walking away.

At their school, there was this one little niche that everyone called The Pit, and one of the doors to it was next to Daisy's locker. If you walked through that door, you found yourself outside, but boxed in on all four sides so that you were standing in this little 4'x 5' sun-filled area. There was a tall gate on the other side that was often locked and nobody knew what The Pit was for. What they did know was that it was fun to push kids in there for prank and shut the door behind them. For Daisy, this would be an especially mean prank, considering the days were becoming long and hot, thus making the pit the most unbearable place on the planet for somebody with both OCA1 and photophobia.

Luke suddenly stopped walking. "Who is that?" he asked, sounding amazed.

Daisy followed his gaze to a girl she had never noticed before. She must have been new.

The girl was tall, with a perfect body and a heart-shaped face, eyes covered with mascara, plump, pouty lips painted a bold shade of red that, somehow, did not look slutty. She wore short-shorts and a thin, filmy blouse that showed a tank-top underneath. Her flip-flops were dress code, but so were everybody else's, so that didn't really matter.

Daisy really disliked the girl already, her brown hair streaked with highlights and perfectly straight, but what she disliked the most was the girl's perfect tan. Tanning was a sensitive subject for her, since practically everyone in Arizona could do so except for her.

"She's the one," Luke said suddenly.

Daisy broke out of her thoughts and turned to face him, an eyebrow lifted. "The one what?"

"You know, Daze; the one."

"Okay, first of all: never call me Daze again. Second of all, I don't see what's so awesome about her."

Luke looked at her like she had just suggested he give away his most prized possession to the school bully. "Do you not see her standing right in front of us? God must be missing an angel."

Daisy stared at him for a minute and blinked. "That was lame. You might as well use my favorite line."

"Oh, yeah? And what's that?"

"Oh, my gosh," she said with a completely straight face, "I thought I was gay, but then I met you."

He didn't say anything.

"That one is the best."

"Are you serious?" he finally asked.

She maintained her straight face. "Why don't you go try it out?"

"Because I know you would sabotage my chances with that beautiful girl and send me over there with a dumb line."

"You're right; I would, although I do feel a need to say that I'm not really sabotaging your chances because you don't have a chance."

"What? You're supposed to be supportive of me!"

"I am. I'm supportive of the Not Watching my Friend Get His Face Beat in by Todd Miller Movement. It's the newest fad," she explained.

"What are you talking about?"

"Look at your bodacious babe now, my amigo." Daisy turned him around.

Luke's jaw dropped.

The school's biggest jerk, Todd Miller, was asking the new girl out. He leaned on her locker, stretching out his arms and flexing. He ran a hand through his blonde hair, flashing an impeccably perfect smile. The girl smiled at him and he began talking to her. When they walked away, the girl was under his arm.

"Damn it!" Luke screamed, banging a fist on his locker. Nobody really noticed because, let's face it, everybody is screaming obscenities in high school. "He gets every girl, and he uses them all! He never respects them, but they never care; they just go out with him anyways. Well, she doesn't know any better. She thinks she's just going out with some handsome guy. He's not even that handsome, is he, Daisy?" he asked frantically.

She pretended to think. "Hot body, perfect, manly face with strong bone structure, blue eyes that twinkle like the morning dew, hair like cotton-candy, a smile that probably is responsible for half the cases of fainting that the nurse gets every year…He's not that great," she concluded.

Luke groaned and leaned back against his locker, sliding to the floor. "That wasn't funny."

She crouched down next to him. "I wasn't trying to be. I really don't find that kind of look attractive. Other girls do, but not me, so I'm not lying about anything."

"I've got to save her," he finally concluded, standing up.

Daisy stood up as well, although not as quickly. "What, like ride in on a white horse and carry her away from the evil Todd? Get real, Luke; she's got the same destiny as every other girl Todd dates, unless he likes her more than the other ones." She tugged on his arm. "Let's get to class." She eyed a patch of sunlight on the floor a few feet away as she said this. "Why does the school have to have so many windows?" she asked, trying to change the subject.

Luke caught on. "Alright, you can change the subject, but I won't give up."

She shook her head. "Suit yourself."

For the rest of the day, Luke was practically a walking vegetable. All he could think about was that girl he had seen earlier in the morning. Daisy had to practically drag him to every class. Whenever he decided to speak, all he would do was moan and groan about how the girl, whose name they later found out was Amanda, was going to get hurt and how it was his duty to save her. He also liked declaring what an awesome boyfriend he would be compared to Todd Miller. This went on for a few weeks until finally, Daisy was sick of it.

"Look," she said one day while they were hanging out at her house, "if you want to go out with her that badly, then why don't you?"

He went silent for a moment, to her immense relief.

"I'll even help you with your self-destruction."

"You would do that?" he asked, a dopey smile lighting his face.

"If it will give me a few peaceful moments at my easel without having to hear the name 'Amanda,' then, yes."

Immediately, he regained all of the energy that he had seemingly lost over the previous weeks. They planned his makeover, complete with clothes and hair, and set up a battle plan. Daisy's theory was that the reason Amanda didn't notice him was because he noticed her. In her opinion, Amanda was the type of girl that thrived on attention. If he ignored her, then she would at least be ruffled, therefore providing an opening for him to ask her out.

He agreed, as always, with everything she said, so long as he got the girl in the end.

They put their plan into action for another week, noticing Amanda becoming more and more interested in him as the days went on. Finally, she approached Luke, totally ignoring Daisy, and asked him if he would like to hang out with her and her friends at the mall. Without a second glance at his long-time friend, he left Daisy behind, taking Amanda's arm.

When she got home, Daisy, a little angry at being ignored, painted for about four hours until Luke blew into her room like a hurricane, spinning around and plopping down on her bed.

"Daze!" he cried. "It was awesome; being surrounded by all of those beautiful people. Other people looked at us; at me!"

"I swear that if you call me 'Daze' one more time, I will kick you out of my house and never let you come back again.

"Oh, come on; don't be jealous."

"I'm not!" she protested, turning away from him.

But secretly, she was jealous. She had had the biggest crush on Luke since fifth grade, never anyone else, and had stuck by him through all of his crushes and girlfriends, never telling him how she really felt. In her mind, it was better to be the 'forever friend' than nothing to him at all.

She let him tell her all about how he and Amanda held hands and flirted throughout the whole day, all the while focusing on her painting to keep from exploding. She thought that this would be like all of the others; it wouldn't last. The girl would use and leave him, and then Daisy would be there to pick up the pieces.

Boy, was she wrong.

Hey, let me know what you think of this. I sort of just started writing this as an excuse to use the kind of dialogue that I do for Daisy. If it sucks, let me know. :)