Chapter Two: Escape

"Tread softly... for they hear everything."

He held the sword for most of the day, getting a feel for it. Isan always had a new maneuver he wanted to show off everytime he had come by, and Barlenor practiced what he could remember. He wasn't a super fighter by any means, but through his practice he improved much. He could probably hold off an attacker for awhile if he had to. When he stopped it was late at night and rivulets of sweat coursed down his face. It had been a tiring intense practice, and so he thought nothing of it when he went to sleep, sword by his side.

It was only hours later when he heard a loud bang and awoke from his sleep. He looked up and saw the door, still shaking from the impact. It barely stood in place now, and a few well placed hits would take it off. Grabbing his sword he rushed to the table and grabbed both sacks. One however ripped, it's contents spilling to the floor. He had no time and so he just grabbed the other one. He needed a way out, and then it dawned on him. Who expected someone to run into the danger? So he took a few steps back and slammed his body into the door.

He heard the sickening crack of ribs being broken as he landed on the door which landed on the Scrin. Quickly he scrambled up and broke into a sprint, as the Bladewatch stood surprised by the latest turn of events. Five turned and ran sprinting after the human. He had a head start on them though, and as fast and agile as they were, they still wore armor. Barlenor hoped he could evade them, or at least find help. The cave.

He heard feet pounding the ground behind him and he turned his head to see one of the soldiers had caught up to him just about. He was confident he could hold off one soldier with his magical sword, but ho knew if help was coming. And if he slowed down to fight this one the other ones would swarm him. He had to do something though, because the soldier would catch up to him eventually. Seeing a tree not too far from him, he made a break for it.

He took three running steps at the tree and launched himself at it knowing he would only get one chance. As he flew through the air his left hand found a hold on a branch and he swung himself onto the tree. The soldiers all caught up, and knew what Barlenor had done. By gaining the higher ground, attempting to climb up the tree was suicidal. "We can outlast you up there. How long will your food last? How long before you become stiff and sore? Surely you don't want to play this game with us?" said one of the Bladewatch and they all laughed at this. Barlenor smiled, and suddenly thought of something. Maybe he could turn the plant spells he knew into an escape plan.

Thinking of what spell would be most useful, he placed his hand to the tree and yelled "Alomus Ontono!" and was truely amazed by what happened next. Ontono Alomus was a spell for getting the roots to curl into the ground. So logically saying it backwards should produce the opposite. Barlenor was lucky because messing around with spells can be dangerous, but for him it worked. Enormous roots came flying out of the ground hitting the soldiers who had closed in on the tree. Some went flying upwards, one even had the frame of mind to grab onto a branch and swing on like Barlenor had. Barlenor saw this, and sent a boot flying into the man's chest. He fell to the ground, and Barlenor grabbed a branch. Yelling "Ontono Alomus!" he leaped off as the roots plunged back into the ground and he was off again. He might not be able to outfight them but he might be able to outthink them.

This was not the case though as Barlenor was horrified to see a soldier charging at him. He threw up his sword in surprise and barely parried the blow and a second sword bit into his hip. Out of reflex Barlenor lashed out with his left fist, and caught the soldier under the chin. Bleeding from his hip, Barlenor swiped at the soldier, but he had already regained his feet. He couldn't keep it up for much longer as the soldier had twice as many weapons as Barlenor. As he parried one blow he saw the other sword make for his chest.

It was caught by two swords a millimeter away from his chest. A foot pushed Barlenor away slowly and he saw Isan engage the Scrin. Even Isan couldn't beat the soldier as he parried a downward thrust and attempted to go for the throat. His opponent sidestepped this and scored a hit as he brought his sword down on the shoulder of Isan. As he lined up for Isan's throat Barlenor long forgotten by the pair charged in. He attempted to run his sword through the Scrins stomach, forcing him at the last moment to parry it. He wanted the fight to end quickly, so they could get a little distance on the recovering soldiers. Barlenor threw a surprise elbow at the Scrin and he heard a satisfying crack as his enemy's nose broke.

Isan scored a quick hit on his opponents leg and Barlenor abandoning all finesse shoved the Scrin who fell down. A quick kick to the head and his opponent's eyes closed, apparently knocked out. "Quick we must flee now!" Barlenor was the one yelling this time as he pulled Isan away from the soldier. They probably should have killed them, but there was no time to waste, as they needed to outdistance the other soldiers. "I know of a place where we can find sanctuary," Isan yelled as they ran. "Well then by all means take us there!" Barlenor yelled back at him and Isan nodded as the two ran for all they were worth.